I just found out that I am bi

Ok, so this is my second confession here. I don't know when, maybe a year and half ago, or maybe more I wrote that I have been looking at girls very different, I have been looking at lesbian porn, I am horny when I am watching lesbian porn, I have dreams about kissing girls, I am thinking about practically every nice girl that I see on the street or I've been thinking about how nice it would be to kiss girls or maybe have sex with them. Also, I have a bf 12 years now, and maybe I have never discover anything else other then "typical relationship", or my feelings have been buried deep down, but this thing I feel for girls... Well, straight girl doesn't feel this way, so... I can openly say that I am bisexual, and I just discover that in my 32 year. I know it is normal for some people here, but I am soooooo fu*king confused. I didn't think I would feel anything else attraction wise other then for boys.

I am bisexual, and I still can't get it. I feel it more and more each day. I literally think about girls more and more each day. I am freaking out, I don't know why, but I think because I didn't know until now.

I am bisexual and I still can't believe.
Sorry guys for spam, but I didn't tell anyone and I think I can't tell.

Thank you for listening.

1 month ago

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    • Enjoy it! And tell your boyfriend. I was dating a girl for about a month when she tearfully confessed to me that she thought she might like girls as well as guys. I encouraged her to explore. She did, and found out that, yes, she's definitely bi.
      We've been married for 25 years now, and our lives have been like a fairy tale. She's had several girlfriends, some shared with me and some not. She's been with her current "girlfriend" for over a decade, and they're every bit as committed and sharing their lives together as she and I are.
      These kinds of relationships can work out, and be lifelong.

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