Fun with friends

When i was younger, my friends and i used to masturbate together. we must have been around 14/15, and we would have sleepovers often because we partied a lot. only one of us was a virgin. we would all wear sexy lingerie that we had begged our mothers to buy for us and then we would use hairbrushes and curling irons (not plugged in) to masturbate. at first, we would just put them in our own pussies, but as we got hornier we would fuck each other’s pussies. we would sometimes eat each other out and i remember an incident where we made a video of ourselves; where my friend was licking out my other friend while in the background i was fingering my best friend. we sent the video to so many boys and we thought we were so cool. me and my best friend had sex a lot but never with anyone else. we started having sex when i was around 15. we always had a very sexual relationship as she taught me to masturbate. we would have sleepovers where we just fucked the whole night. sometimes we would skip school just so we could have sex. my house had a jacuzzi, and we used to fuck in it. usually we would scissor but sometimes we would use hairbrushes to pleasure each other.

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    Wish I had been your neighbor

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