Long time

I hooked up with my first guy when I was in my early 20's. I had been fantasizing and jerking off to gay porn for a few years and finally found him on the internet. We met at a college coffee shop and he came to my apartment a week later. He was a short beautiful Hispanic that drove a Ford Ranger and worked in a restaurant. I remember being really nervous that first time I got on my knees and took him into my mouth. He smelled and tasted so good. We were in the shower at the time and I asked him to piss on me after. That was hotter than I thought it would be.
After that we fucked. I'll never forget, he looked at me and said "I'll let you in." I was so young and naive I was actually confused and said "let me into what." He just turned around, stuck his face on the wall, and pushed his ass out toward me. That feeling of taking him for the first time while running my hands all over his body was magical. I was so nervous I didn't cum until later, but I'll never forget that feeling.
Then I let him bend me over. It hurt going in but it felt amazing. His cock is smaller than mine and I eventually realized his size was the best. I don't know why small cocks feel the best in my ass but they do. I've had big and small up there and his is the only one I still think about. He was so short he had to stand on the edges of the shower to fuck me but it was awesome. He grabbed my hips and went to town. I remember looking back between my legs and watching him thrust and seeing those balls move. It still gets me off thinking about it and I have a hard on right now while I'm writing this.
I really miss him. I've been married for 15 years and still fantasize about him, still dream about him. I would love to meet him again and pick up where we left off. I regret letting him go.
That was in the early 2000's in Murrieta, CA at my apartment. Anyone seen him? My beautiful boy, Gustavo?

Mar 30


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