My reserved wife

I would love to get my reserved unsuducible wife get so horny she would fuck anyone who has a cock. Id let any one have there cock fill her pussy. My wife is able to squeeze Her pussy on a hard cock and Pull the cum out of it. If there was a way to get her that horny Id let you do it. She is 37 long legs, pretty feet.when she gets horny her juices flow dow her pussy. Id love for her to ride a cock while her tits are bouncing up and down. And with her on her back with her her legs Around some one making them cum deep inside her pussy. If there was a anyway to do with any means to get her like that Id love to see it. Or if some one was actually able to suduce her. I know she would never do it but it would be awesome to get her fucked good.

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  • Unsuducible, I like that word. I was missing a descriptive word that any person would understand when I am asked about my wife which I am quite frequently and always have been since we got married. I can tell someone that she is shy or very conservative and they always have a "ehh what?" expression. That is because we are nudist. Suffice to say she is a beautiful blue eyed blond with a model body and figure. Fabulous tits and ass I can't believe I get to see them naked all the time. I've seen so many people hit on her and no one has even come close to cracking her to "play". I have never been close to cracking her to experiment and go for it.

  • My wife used to be very conservative with sex until I started talking dirty to her. I would get her so worked up that I would then say to her, "Bet you would not turn down a young hard C**k right now! She would say "No I would not turn it down". I am so hot I would F@@k anyone. Come on now I need it, hurry up. I would say, "How about a black one now"? and she would shudder and go into a spasm. I think she really loosed up and wanted a black one.

  • My first was just like yours. She could milk any cock that came near her. She had a true secret weapon between her legs. She was always able to control the sex act, she would milk me and end it or not squeeze so much so I could last longer.
    I have to admit she was no prude, sex was always on her mind and mine as well.

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