Told her my fantasy

My wife was feeling frisky before I had to go to work the other day. She was giving me head and she stopped for a sec and said, "I wanna do something we haven't done. What is a fantasy you have?" I said, "I have a few but not sure you really want to know." She said, "It's ok. Just talking here. Tell me." I said, "Ok. Well, I want to watch you having sex." She said, "Like record you and me and watch it?" I said, "No. I want to watch you having sex with another man." She said, "You want me to cheat on you?" I said, "I mean it's not really cheating if I'm ok with it." She said, "Ok. Well, go on." I said, "Either like a hidden cam type thing while I'm not home or me walk in on you with another guy." She said, "I could probably do that. What if I have sex with him and I like it?" I said, "Then you keep fucking him."

4 months ago


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    • My wife and I have amazing sex when we talk about things like this and fantasize about it. It sounds like it would be so exciting and fun. But I think in reality it would be different. I would have to know the guy and like him to let him have sex with my wife but then if It is someone you k ow and see often, you risk them becoming emotionally attached. And if it was a stranger, I think it would just be too awkward. Not to mention risky as far as diseases and such. I’m thinking we should probably just keep it to fantasy.

    • Don't ruin your intimacy, your trust in one another, and the sexual bond you share by introducing another person into your relationship as too many times I've heard it goes bad and you can't get the back what you once had. Don't do it is the best advice you're going to get on here.

    • When I first met my wife she was coming out of a 28 year marriage to a conservative controlling husband and she went cock crazy at 47 years old.
      We moved to another city and with her encouragement we went to swingers clubs, sex clubs with 10 men to one woman, to adult bookshops with gloryholes, and to dogging spots crawling with perverts. She took a real liking to vodka from the bottle and random cock, and lots of it. After all those years of being stifled she let loose and we both loved it. She wore short tight skirts, no panties, shaved her cunt every morning anticipating a fingering or a fuck every time we or she went out.
      I married her after 18 months of this new life that we had made, and on our honeymoon we found men on the net to come to our room to fuck her while I waited in the bar, then I would go in for my sloppy seconds and it was a marriage made in heaven. If she didn't have cum in her cunt or her mouth, we were planning it..we both loved the slutwife lifestyle. Fast forward 10 years and we are still happily married but without the volume of men as before. Now it's the occasional weekend away with a man or 3 off the net to give her the cum that she loves and needs, and even in our 50s and 60s we both still love the thrill of sharing my wifes cunt and mouth with random men.

    • It sure did take a lot to finally convince my wife to try another guy. We did nude beaches, went to strip clubs, she even did some flashing but having sex with someone else was a no way thing.
      Then we met Nathan, nice guy that began to hand around a lot. The wife often wore skimpy outfits, and she flashed him so much it was sort of normal.
      It took two years and quite a bit of wine but one evening we got her into a threesome. She loved it, I woke up the next morning and they were going at it.
      Nathan is her regular now, he has sex with my wife as much as I do. As of right now, she has had sex with just one other guy besides Nathan and I, but we both encourage her to do it. Nathan likes to watch, too.

    • My wife and I get great pleasure when I get to have sloppy seconds or even sloppy third and fourth one other man get through with my wife and we’ve been doing this now for over 15 years and it still feels good and she enjoys every time

    • Yeah all women are different. Some will say hell no. Some will shut down and not even care what is happening to them. My wife went in a different direction. We were married maybe 2 years and I let my young wife get fucked at a party. This guy was hitting on her hard. She told me that he wanted to fuck her and I said go for it. Afterwards when we went home she asked if I still loved her. I said of course I do. That was the beginning of a hole new life for us. She became a sex addict. She would fuck any guy that looked at her. Weather I was with her or not. I would come home from work and walk in and I could hear her getting fucked in are bedroom. She would go out and bring guys home and fuck them. This went on for about 10 years. She slowed down a little and had a just one guy she was fucking for about 3 years. But she got that ich again and fucked other guys. He stopped coming around. Don't get me wrong we had a great sex life together. She always fucked my brains out. Now 42years later her and I have two kids together. She had one black baby girl with a guy. And one boy from a guy that she didn't know who the father is. She's still horny all the time. She more carefully who she fucks and never at home because of the kids. But we are still married and I love her.

    • Love this. Taking on kids from guys getting between her legs and spunking her.

    • Yeah, my wife shut down to nothing. She’s great otherwise but the sexual change is worriesome. She literally will allow anything and everything and everyone, which can be fun but also strange. I know she doesn’t enjoy it but she just goes through the motions and allows anything to happen to her. I’ve pushed the limit. It’s my fault she’s broken. I’ve tried to get her to respond but she has no feelings about it. It’s not even satisfying as much now for me, I can do anything to her and she just takes it without a word. She has the thousand yard stare during sex. We have been going to swing clubs for ten years now, and it’s fun being able to trade her off to younger men with hotter wives, I tell the guys to do anything they want with her and they give me limits for their young cuties. The guys really like doing her because she’ll do anal, face and breast slapping, etc

    • Sounds like you ruined your marriage. It sounds sad that she has a thousand yard state like she's being used and feels degraded when sex should be special, intimate, for love, orgasm and connection. Mentally healthy women like to feel loved and connected to the man they're making love with. How could any man who truly loved his wife trade her off to another man without feeling jealous, or emasculated?

    • Yeah, I brought this up to my wife too. She asked me if I was for real. I told her I was, and we had great sex fantasizing about it, but afterwards she told me it was never going to happen for real. To date, she's right, it hasn't.

    • Started doing this with my wife when we first got married and it changed her completely. She was already submissive sexually but now she’s downright a sex doll. It changes them mentally. The first time was fun, she blew my friend while I did her. The next time she blew him and had sex with him and me back to back. Then another friend, and then more friends. She’d strip for me and friends, and basically lay back and let things happen to her. Anything and everything has been done to her. Even with girls. Now, I can swap her with anyone and she doesn’t care at all, and she doesn’t enjoy it, she just does it. I’ve tested this at the swing club, and told her to make out with an older ugly man, and she did it. Let him kiss her mouth and she blew him. She also did it with a really fat old black man, and didn’t even show emotion while this man 30 years older and 200 pounds heavier was open mouth kissing her and having sex with her. It’s weird, but they get weird once you start sharing them.

    • Sounds disgusting to me and I am a woman who will never do this. I have too much self respect, and I am beautiful and sexy so I don't think so. Nope. One hot sexy, in shape, successful, handsome, intelligent, man who is in love with me is what I have and what I am keeping. This sounds gross. I feel sorry for your wife and you too as she's being degraded right in front of your eyes and you're allowing it. Put a stop to it, be a man!

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