My Wife's Friend

My wife Jane has this friend named Jill who she went to college with. After graduation, Jane went home to upstate NY, and Jill got married and moved in with her husband in Philadelphia. They would make a point to get together every so often. Sometimes Jane would go to Philly, and sometimes Jill would come to NY. Jill was in town for a visit and she stayed for a couple of nights in our spare room. I work shifts and I usually get home around midnight. I came home from work, and as I passed the spare room on the way to my bedroom, I noticed that the door was open slightly and the light was on. Curious, I peeked in to see if anyone was in there. Well, Jill was lying on the bed watching something on her tablet. She was wearing a long white t-shirt and it was obvious that she wasn't wearing anything under it. Jill was a knockout. I had always thought she was hot. She was about 5'8" tall with a solid athletic build. She had dark shoulder length hair, and these bright blue eyes. She had a nice round ass that I always found myself trying not to stare at and probably wore a B or C cup. From the look of her in that t-shirt, her tits were perfectly round and firm. I don't know what she was watching on that tablet, but it looked like she had the tablet in one hand, and the other appeared to be between her thighs. I couldn't help but stay there and watch for a few minutes. Jane was in bed, and I was sure Jill couldn't see me. It looked like she was enjoying herself, and I was getting hard as a rock watching this. I must have moved into the light from the room and not realized it, because Jill suddenly noticed me standing there watching her. I thought Oh, NO!! I'm busted... She is going to freak out and Tell Jane and I'm in big trouble. But Jill didn't seem to mind. We made eye contact and she gave me a little wink. Then she turned her body to give me a good view of what she was doing. She spread her legs open and let me watch her rub her clit and finger herself keeping eye contact with me the whole time. I couldn't handle it anymore. I unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned and unzipped my pants, and pulled my cock out and began to stroke it. She clearly liked that because she started playing with herself more vigorously and the expression on her face went from playful, to biting her lower lip and breathing a little heavier. I stepped in the room, and stood next to the bed watching her play with herself while I fondled my rock hard cock. She slid her t-shirt up and revealed her perfect titties which she squeezed and fondled with one hand while fingering herself with the other. Her pussy was perfectly shaved and glistened from the wetness that was increasing the more we stared at each other and masturbated. Soon she was making little noises like she wanted to moan, but didn't want to wake anyone up and get caught. She rubbed her clit faster and faster until her whole body tensed up and she held her breath to prevent letting out any pleasure sounds as she had what appeared to be a pretty intense orgasm. I couldn't take it anymore, seeing her get off watching me made me cum hard. I was standing next to the bed just inches from her, and I blew my load all over her stomach and her tits. She spread the cum around her body with her hand and then licked her fingers to get a taste of it. We both just looked at each other for a minute and then thought about what had just happened. I just knew this was going to get back to Jane and I was done for. I whispered to Jill, "I won't tell if you don't..." She just smiled and pulled her shirt back down, rolled over and turned off the lamp. I left the room, not quite knowing what to make of the whole thing. I went to bed and thought it was just a one time thing, We will never mention it again, and probably just pretend it never happened.

The next day, I got up around 10AM. The girls had been up for a while already and were sitting in the kitchen having coffee. I said good morning, and poured myself a cup. Jill behaved as if nothing was different. We had our breakfast, and the girls got themselves together and went for a spa day. I stayed home and went about my business like usual until it was time to go to work. I came home again about midnight, and this time as I passed the spare room, the door was closed. A little disappointed, I continued on to my bedroom. Jane was already sleeping so I didn't turn on the light. I just got ready for bed as quietly as I could to avoid waking her, and I climbed into bed. Not long after I got into bed, Jane slides over to me and puts her head on my chest. then she slides her hand down my body and starts fondling my cock. Always up for some fooling around, I began touching her too. We start to make out and touch each other all over and we start to get pretty turned on. Then Jane whispers in my ear, " I heard you got quite the eyeful on your way to bed last night..." I could feel the blood drain from my face as I thought , Uh oh... Here it comes. I'm screwed! I told her "I couldn't help it. The door was open as I passed by and I knew it wasn't right, but... And Jane cut me off and said, "I'm not mad. I know Jill is hot. I'm surprised you didn't bang her." I just looked at her with a puzzled expression... She picked up her cell phone and called Jill, who was just down the hall in the spare room. I couldn't hear what Jill said but Jane said, " Come in here." Now I was REALLY bewildered as to what was going on... Jill came in the room again wearing nothing but a long t-shirt as Jane turned on the lamp on the nightstand. Jane pulled the cover off of us to reveal my nakedness to Jill. Jill Immediately as if on cue, pulled her night shirt off over her head and climbed into bed with us! I couldn't believe it! She came over to me and went right for my cock which had started to get hard again the minute Jill took off her shirt and climbed in the bed. She gently licked the tip looking up at me for my reaction. I looked at Jane to see hers... Jane moved back to her side of the bed and played with herself as she watched Jill give me head. She started with just the head, and slowly worked her way down until she had my entire shaft in her mouth. She sucked and slurped for a while until I started to get really worked up. I knew if she kept going, I would cum so I grabbed her and put her on her back. Then I fondled those firm perky titties flicking her nipples with my tongue as I caressed and squeezed with my hands. I ran my hands all over her tight, firm body and kissed my way down to her pussy which was already wet with anticipation. I ate her out for a good while as her body tensed and twisted with pleasure. Jane was watching all of this and playing with herself. I saw her cum at least two or three times. Then she said, "Jill, I want to watch you ride his cock! Now bang him until one of you cums!" Jill happily obliged. We flipped over so I was on my back, and Jill was on top straddling me. The head of my dick was right at the entrance to her swollen wet pussy, just sliding up and down between her lips. Jill looked at Jane as if to say, "Are you sure?" Jane said, "Do it!" At that, Jill thrusted her hips downward taking my cock deep inside of her. Jill and Jane both let out a moan of pleasure. Jane positioned herself so that her face was just inches away from my cock thrusting and pumping in and out of Jill's beautifully shaven pussy which was so wet, her juices were dripping down my shaft onto my balls. Jane took some of the wetness on her finger and licked it off while she fingered herself to orgasm yet again. Jill rode me harder and harder. She was moaning, breathing heavy and arching her back indicating that she was on the cusp of an orgasm. I started thrusting my hips in sync with her thrusts, pounding her faster and faster. Finally she screamed with delight and her entire body tensed with pleasure. Her pussy gushed all over my throbbing manhood. After she came, she rolled over and laid there on the bed, spent. Jane then said, "My turn!" and she climbed on top of me. Her pussy was so wet and swollen from all the orgasms that she had while she was watching me and her best friend have amazing sex right in front of her, that my cock just slid right in. She started bouncing on my cock making a slapping sound every time her hips hit mine. Her tits were bouncing up and down as she rode me harder than she ever had before. we were both so turned on that we had the most intense sex we had had so far in 15 years of marriage. Watching this perked Jill up and she straddled my face while Jane rode my cock. My tongue was wildly moving between Jill's pussy lips and then I sucked her clit into my mouth and flicked it with my tongue. Both women were moaning with ecstasy until they both came at the same time. I was about to cum too. I told them both to lay on their backs next to each other. I kneeled over them, and stroked my cock until I shot 3 or 4 ropes of cum across both of their hot sweaty bodies. It went all over their stomachs and their tits as they used their hands to rub it all over themselves. All three of us were spent. we just laid there until we all fell asleep.

In the morning, we got up and had breakfast. Over breakfast, Jill and Jane made plans for Jane to go to Philly in a few weeks. Jane asked if Jill's husband would be there, and Jill just winked and giggled. That's when I realized, that they had planned the whole thing! I should have known Jill wouldn't accidentally leave the door open when she was half naked knowing I would be coming home and walking by... Jill's husband had no idea what he was in for...

2 months ago

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    • Did this with my wife’s best friend. She had divorced and was at our house a lot drinking wine with my wife. One night they were out of wine and switched to vodka. My wife passed out and the friend made out with me and I had sex with her on the sofa, twice. Luckily she never said anything.

    • I fucked 2 of my wife's (Casey) sorority sisters. One is from (Lynn) Philly. College girls from Philly are going to put whores out of business. I suspect Casey returns the favor.
      While still in college Casey and Lynn gave me a booze aided 2 girl blowjob. At the 5 year reunion I learned they checked that off on a Stuff Whores Do list and had a Picture of it on their bulletin board "Casey and Lynn had Bill's dick in their mouths at the same time -- 50 points. Casey took the load -- 25 bonus points""
      She's a keeper.

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