Secret Affair

My mom and I are very close a we both are open -minded sexually. We both was laying side by side in bed after some sexual activity together. I suggested we seduce her friend's boyfriend. She told me her friend had mention to her that her boyfriend had an endowment. We figured it would be fun to do a threesome with him secretly without mom's friend knowing. Mom decided to ask her friend if her boyfriend could do some repairs around our house.
When he arrived mom walked about the house with her big tits cleavage showing. He couldn't hide his bulge. I'm a bbw and have a strong sex drive. " Does mom's big tits interest you? " I said to him while I groped mom. He was stunned and didn't know what to say. He stood there and watched me grope mom's tits and pulled one out to suck on. He pulled out his dick. It was a good size one. Mom and I went down on it. " This is so freaking cool! Let's keep it a secret! " he said as he removed his pants exposing his lovely looking privates. Mom exposed my small breasts and played with my thick nipples while taking that cock in her mouth while I groped her tits. We was all in the living and mom and I was bare.
He told us to get on all fours so he could do us doggy style. He kept switching from mom to me and we told him save his load to cum on mom's tits and on my face.
We invite him over now and then when we want to play with a real cock.

1.4 years ago

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