They think they know

Over a period of about four months, I kept on getting people telling me they ether knew or suspected my wife was having affairs with different men.
Apparently men would call by our home when I was on my late shifts and not leave until just before I arrived home.
One of our neighbors even told me, he could hear my wife getting fucked. Or that's what it sounded like to him.
I told them all my wife liked company when I was at work, and it was her work colleagues that called by as she often worked from home. As for the neighbor who heard her getting fucked, I simply said it was porno she was watching.
However the fact is, they're all correct.
My wife does have men over to our home to fuck her, and it was indeed my wife moaning and screaming out her orgasms when the neighbor heard her having sex.
I've known all along and I know because its me who arranges and organizes the guys who fuck my wife with their much larger cocks.
She's a nymphomaniac and she adores being fucked like a whore. I have a five inch limpish cock, and she likes men with hard on's that are much much bigger.
What's my benefit you might ask.
Well it's simple. I absolutely adore going down on a freshly fucked pussy or asshole. It's a massive turn on for me and I love nothing more than to lick out her hammered holes, drinking down the cum the men fuck into my wife's holes.
If I could do every day I would. As it is I get to taste a mans cum from her pussy and ass around two to three times a week. All the other days I eat out my own mess, but its just not the same for me.
At the moment I don't want or like to be there when she's being fucked, but my wife of late has been trying to get me to change my mind.
In the near future we'll see if I get the sexual urge to want to actually see her taking a guys cock, before I go down on her.

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  • I love eating cum from other men out of my significant other

  • I guess they do know. your wife is fucking her brains out even if you are setting it up The question is why ? It could be a control issue. You think you are in control by choosing the guy she will be screwing. the reality is she is calling the shots. You are just the go between who provides the men, she does all the fucking and has all the fun. She lets you clean her out showing you that she once again is in charge.
    You seem happy with all this, I guess she does too.

  • It sounds like you wont admit to yourself you want her to watch you suck one of those big hard cocks. I know reading your post made me want to. Lol

  • Sounds to me like he is not interested in seeing or sucking other men's cocks.

  • If you like eating cum from your wife's pussy why don't you join her sometime when she's getting fucked and take the cum right from the cock. Your wife will probably get really wet seeing you with a cock in your mouth.

  • Hmm....your wife sounds like a slut to me. I'm glad it doesn't both you though. I would definitely watch your wife getting fucked. If it bothers you leave. If it turns you on jackoff.

  • She wants to see you with a large cock banging your arse you dickhead

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