Am I racist?

I'm a 14 year old girl, I'm going into 9th grade in a few months. I just want to know if I'm racist, now its not like I don't like one race. It's just that I find black men so attractive! I see myself marring a black man, that's just who I'm attracted to. I like other races too, but black boys are my dreams men. Does that make me racist?!

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  • That depends girl. If you asks the left, who are liberaals & democrats, they wants all the white girls dating only n_i_gg_e_r_s. Then in their opinion, they won't label you racist. But the left is so irrational, then they bushwhack you. Then if you aren't dating other minerorities, they'll label you anyhow as a racist. Main issue with them is getting trouble started with their progressive "race mixing". They wants all the women giving birth to mungrels & freaks. Then they'll be happy with their liberal agenda.

  • Not as long as you keep referring to them as 'boys'. Ya has ta talk the racist lingo girl.

  • Yes you are

  • Hello and im allmost 15 and im black and i only like white girls. Want too chat here with me. I hope you get back too me and like too just talk if you like.

  • A month later now boy. You learnin' them fake girls jive boy??

  • Yes.

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