Do they lie about opening their legs

They say that women always under estimate when asked about how many times they have opened their legs before they met you.
So if my wife says 10 lovers, how many more should I add on?

4 months ago

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    • Rule of 3...

    • Rule of thumb is double for women and divide in half for men. If your wife told you 10, she's actually been with 20 men. If your number had been 10, we would have divided in half to figure you had been with 5 women.

    • She’s not counting one night stands, anal only, three minute men, the ones she regrets, etc. She’s only counting the ones that counted, whereas men count them all. That girl that let you run it up and down her and you penetrated her for a minute in high school, she doesn’t count it but you do. That girl that you did in a driveway at a college house party and you came in two minutes, she doesn’t count it but you do. And on and on. You can double whatever she says, and triple for the number of guys she gave oral to only.

    • I married a girl I went to high school with. She was know as the class slut. I know 8 guys that fucked her. When I asked her how many men have fucked her she told me 2. Looks like she maybe less then truthful.

    • What color hair does she have

    • If you enjoy that pussy, don't ask!!

    • Of course, I could never tell my husband the truth. He would lose his mind if he knew I was with over 100 men before we got married

    • I would love it if my wife told me she was with 100 guys before we met. I had a gf once that had been with 75+. Turned me on when she talked dirty.

    • That sounds too many?

    • About 20 to 30 more remember she trying to be real conservative. So she trying to keep the number low trying to make you think she being honest

    • Seems high. Thought maybe five more

    • You're an idiot for even thinking that this has any relevance or is any of your business

    • One man’s wife was another man’s slut.

    • Fuck off

    • Sad little shit

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