Wife wants to play

Two years ago when our kids went off to college my wife came to me and said that she has been a good faithful wife and mom. She followed this by saying she wanted to ask me something and for me to keep an open mind. She told me that she felt the need to try some new things sexually and wanted to have sex with a man she knows from work. She told me that she has never cheated on me and has been waiting for this for a long time. I asked her who this guy was and she told me that he was a sales rep she met at a convention. My wife then told me his name and that he is black. I say that because my wife is a tiny blonde white woman who has never shown any interest in anything like this before. Short version is I agreed to let her do this and over the last 2 years she had had sex with over 20 different black men. I have become a true cuckold and honestly I love it as much as she does. She has no rules and can do whatever she wants. All of her lovers cum inside of her and some of them have even cum in my mouth when they are done using her. I continue to have sex with her when she is not with her black lovers and our sex life has never been better. You never now what will happen when you have an open mind

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  • My wife of 12 years has been having sex with different black men for most of our relationship. She told me right after we got married that she had been with several black men before me and that she couldn't go without them. Everytime we go out she is trying to find a new guy to fuck. When we go on vacation she will even bring a lover with us. I have become a real cuck and I have to say I love it. This is our life and it is great!

  • I to allow my wife to go out with who ever she wants to and even have sex with them as long as it's in our house, Well our place is now well known in the Black and Hispanics neighborhood every week end it's gang bang Kristy up to 16 one week end. As for me I get to suck as many cocks as I want and get fucked in my ass many times over by several of the blacks and Hispanics.

  • I love to watch and fuck my wife after she has been used by her black lovers. The feeling of her streched out pussy full of another man's cum is amazing. I am as addicted to it as she is

  • Ironic story, my wife tells me she wants to fuck other men, basically gave me an ultimatum. She says she wants to fuck my cousins who live in Texas, she tells me they’re always flirting with her, she’s been faithful for over 20yrs, and if I didn’t like it we can part ways but eventually she’s going to Texas and fucking them. She did offer an incentive, I can have her friend in return. So I agreed cause I’ve wanted her friend for years now. We made plans to fly to Texas as we do every year and we stay for 4-5 days. Throughout that time 3 of them secretly fucked her but she told me exactly what and how they were going to meetup. Never in my life did I ever imagine my own family screwing my wife. And they acted like nothing happened

  • How was the wife's friend?

  • Talk about flirting with disaster. You would think she might have contacted some sort of STD by now. I can see a few at best but that many seems very very risky. I bet she’s looked upon at work as Mrs snow bunny

  • This is fascinating. I only hope that my wife will tell me one day that her mind is open.

  • Know the feeling wish mine would ask that question the answer would be yes of course

  • You have to have an open mind as well. Not everyone can deal with this situation

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