One day after working outside in the garden with my new step mom

2 months ago

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    • Doing what besides being a moron!

    • He got caught masturbating, fool.

    • Where is that stated?

      One day after working outside in the garden with my new step mom

      Tell me where you came up with that brain fart!

    • MASTURBATION CONFESSION... If you can see and comprehend what is written in the box below the post. You're welcome.

    • That don't mean shit here They post incest posts under work sections for example. The OP is a simple moron if you are going to write a story, Always Include Where, when, what and who in it ! He didn't include what!

    • You are trying to explain something to a liberal. Those morons don't even understand something they read if it is spelled out in bring letters.
      How Do I know he is a Biden voting liberal? Start at the beginning and reread what I wrote.

    • I'm sure as hell am not a liberal! I voted for Trump Idiot. Unfortunately I'm probably going to be a criminal! If Biden thinks he gonna take any of my firearms from me while I'm alive He is surely mistaken!!!!!!!!!!

    • He will take them within a month. You can’t stop it...question is, will you do anything to stop it? You won’t little push boi, you talk big...but that’s it. In fact you’ve been reported to the are under surveillance right now....

    • The ATF already knows me They gave me My class 3 firearms license idiot. And as long as I'm alive I'm not giving any thing up at all costs!

    • If you voted for Trump that confirms to me you are the idiot.

    • You think so! When you taxes are more then the money you get to take home then you will think twice about dementia Joe Biden! Who picked a VP based on gender, race and not qualifications..

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