Pantie sniffing

I love the smell of my wife panties after she wears them all day. She caught me a couple times sniffing think she puts them a certain way in the hamper see if they been moved. She will call me a sicko when I sniff them in front of her. Girls I cheated with did not mind when I sniff there after I slide them off of them. Anyway sons girlfriend came to stay with us for a month hot as hell 19 year old. Well i stole one of her pair to sniff fucken sweetest sent and taste after i licked them. Well I hid them or at least I thought I did . Dam wife wore them to bed one night . We were messing around and she pushed my head down her legs said how the pussy smell. Told her smells good she moved them aside her pussy oozing already. As I fucked her she was saying you like that young pussy pound it. Now take it she ain't young my wife 50 . Think she felt young and sexy in those panties. By the way she put them back were I hid them all crusty lol

3 months ago


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    • I think that’s so hot. You wife wearing someone else’s panties to turn you on.
      No way would I put those back in the hamper, I’d keep them forever.

    • I love to jerkoff to the smell of pussy juice and skid marks. My thick cock gets really hard from that aroma and I squirt out big sticky cum loads

    • Me too the smell of my aunts pussy and those skid marks turn me on so much get hard as a rock.

    • My wife's panties do not attract me at all. I love to sniff, lick and even chew other women/girls' panties irrespective of age and race.

    • But I prefer to sniff and smell deep of panties of other women ...

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