Anklet education

I was at our local bowling alley, there was a couple there in their middle 30's or so.
The wife had on a dress, a bit odd to be bowling in but what I found interesting was she wore a very beautiful bit of jewelry on her leg.
They were on the lanes next to my wife and I, so we were talking a bit. I happened to mention that I found her piece of jewelry attractive, she smiled and said, "Oh, you do, do you?"
A bit later she leaned over and whispered, wanting to know if I understood the meaning.
I told her I didn't, puzzled as to why she would ask that.
"It means I am a hotwife, available for sex with the right guy." Another big grin.
I did get that, and she kept looking at me for some kind of reaction, I was doing my best not to since my own wife was right there.
Nothing happened, we finally left, but now I am curious?
Does a woman wear an ankle bracelet to let others know she is available for sex? I had never heard of that, I did Google it and found a bunch of naughty pics mostly.
I did tell my wife to not wear the one I got for her unless she has long pants on.

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  • I love seeing women with ankle bracelets. Especially when worn under sheer stockings or pantyhose. Yes it’s true. My wife won’t wear one for that very reason. She wore one sparingly years ago because it turned me on.

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