My wife spanked me

We are a real couple who practice domestic discipline in a wife led marriage. I don't get spankings often but it still hurts to sit from the spanking I got a couple days ago.

without going into too many details I started an argument with my wife over something I thought was a bigger deal than it was. I said some disrespectful things to her and she was in no mood for disrespect this day. She was very upset.

As I had continued to try and argue with her she said there will be no more talking about it and the only thing I will be doing is marching myself down the hall to our bedroom and assuming the position bent over the bed. Even though I thought I was right and still upset I know these are the rules of the house I agreed to. Once we got to the room she ordered me to drop my pants and boxers and bend over the bed.

I slowly dropped my pants and pulled down my boxers trying to buy myself any extra time. As I positioned myself over the bed I could see my wife retrieving the cane she always uses for punishment spankings and this caused my heart to race. my wife walked behind me to get into spanking position and then she began to explain why I was so disrespectful and how it made her feel. I am not allowed to talk back during this time. After she finished lecturing me she went straight into 8 very hard swats of the cane. The pain was searing. I struggled to stay composed as she walked to the other side and delivered 8 more. She then reiterated why I am being punished and what she expects from me in the future. she then delivered a final 16 to the first side. normally I tighten up in anticipation of each strike but about half way through the last set the pain was so overwhelming I went limp and just focused on my breathing. when she was finished she ordered me to pull up my pants and go straight to bed. As I got dressed again I realized I was no longer upset and I was very sorry for my behavior. I apologized to my wife and she gave me a hug.

2 months ago


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    • Does she spank you when you complain about her dating life?

    • About three years ago, my wife came home from an estate sale with a cricket bat she'd bought for $4. She didn't even know what it was until I told her. She explained that she hadn't cared what it's intended purpose was, but that she'd intended to use it on ME, as a new disciplinary measure anytime I disobey or disappoint her. She said that the moment she saw it, she knew it would be a game-changer in our marriage. And it has been. Now days I get one warning before she makes me strip and present myself for "discipline". The warning is: "It does as told, both where and when, or else it gets the bat again." She's a mean goddamn bitch when she takes the bat out. She was always a co-equal in the marriage before, but "The Bat" has put her clearly at the head of our household and in charge of me. I love her more than ever. And I love her beatings.

    • We ran up some 22% interest credit card debt. Got a 4% home equity loan and paid it off. Credit counselor had us take $100 cash each a week for lunch, gas and noon time shopping. I never spend more than $60, sometimes $20 when I don't need gas. Emma runs out of money Thur. I caught her stealing out of my wallet. I hid it. One Thur morning "i'll give you a blowjob for $20" my now whore wife. I haven't had this many BJ since we were dating. Some weeks I get one Wed, Thur and Fri morning before work. "See what you did, you made me a whore.. I could do other guys for more money, and I might." Her complaining makes them the best.

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