Missing photos

What I'm about to tell you is true , I used to be always taking photos of just about anything and that included my wife . This was the days when you would take your film to be developed , I used my local camera shop who would send the film away to be developed . Well one night after we had been out for a meal my wife was all dressed up and looking hot , When we returned home I picked my camera up and asked my wife to pose for me , She had done it in the passed before but no risque ones . This time with her being a bit tipsy and a little bit horny I asked her to pose for me , Eventually she was in her black basque and panties stockings and stilettos . My wife had never showed any thing but her legs and a bit of cleavage before , But she was kneeling facing me all of a sudden she pulled her top down exposing her tits . She said go on take a photo she had this wanton look on her face , I said who ever develops the film will see you she said I know take a photo so I did . I don't know what got in to her she posed in various ways showing her tits , Again I said some one will see these photos of you she said I hope so then asked me how many photos do we have left . I said 3 she said lets not waste them then proceeded to take her panties down , I took the first one of her standing in front of me she laid on the floor for the next shot . This time she said last one sat in the chair then opened her legs , When we finally got the photos back all 36 was developed perfectly all the negatives was perfect .But the photos of my wife was missing It was embarrassing to complain to the shop , They had no answer all they would do was to develop the missing photos for free . Somebody out there has photos of my wife what would they do with them what's the point

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  • I did the same thing to one of my GF and I had taken three rolls of 24 exposure film of her nude even fucking me and when I went to pick up the film they said it was over exposed and couldn't print them.
    Well a week later took more film in and there on the side wall was Cindy nude in a very great pose showing every bit of her and what she had to offer who took that one I asked and they said you did don't you remember.

  • They have yearly parties and everyone shows each other what they found

  • I worked developers. They always look and share

  • What do they do just look or take the photos , or copys

  • Obviously put them on the net, might even have her name on do and dare

  • Do you think so

  • What would they do with them? Beat off.

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