How do I stop the wife from flashing?

My wife loves to wear naughty clothes. She has tops with huge armholes, from the side as she moves around her boobs are on display. She has some daisy duke shorts that are cut off so short that pubic hair and part of her vagina peeks out.
It happens so much that I get embarrassed by her antics.
She goes out into our back yard and sunbathes, usually topless at least but I looked out and she was lying there completely nude talking to our 50 year old neighbor guy.
I have tried and tried to get her to be a bit more conservative, she just laughs and tells me I am being silly, it's just tits.
Well, sometimes it's everything because she has some short skirts she skips panties with although that is rarer than the constant nipple show.
When she was nursing our son, she never used a blanket and always took them both out.
It bothers me and I don't know what to do to get her to ease up on that stuff.

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  • Just let her do this. It obviously is her thing.

  • Try walking around with your balls out.

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