How do I stop the wife from flashing?

My wife loves to wear naughty clothes. She has tops with huge armholes, from the side as she moves around her boobs are on display. She has some daisy duke shorts that are cut off so short that pubic hair and part of her vagina peeks out.
It happens so much that I get embarrassed by her antics.
She goes out into our back yard and sunbathes, usually topless at least but I looked out and she was lying there completely nude talking to our 50 year old neighbor guy.
I have tried and tried to get her to be a bit more conservative, she just laughs and tells me I am being silly, it's just tits.
Well, sometimes it's everything because she has some short skirts she skips panties with although that is rarer than the constant nipple show.
When she was nursing our son, she never used a blanket and always took them both out.
It bothers me and I don't know what to do to get her to ease up on that stuff.

2 months ago


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    • Let her have fun showing herself off and driving men crazy with her body. One, she's going to do it anyway, there's no stopping her, and two, enjoy it, yourself. My hot older sister does the same, including going to a bunch of grad parties one year "casual", since most were outside and not formal (she worked for the district, and knew a lot of the graduates, mostly the boys who lusted after her for years), wearing a low-cut, super-tight, black tank top that was right out of a biker magazine, and her short, frayed jeans shorts, nothing underneath, and made sure to hug every grad boy who wanted one, and press her bursting out of that tank top (damn, it was so tight and low cut) tits against them.

      She'd walk around these gatherings, shaking her ass a bit and knowing the guys and grad boys were panting after her, sometimes saying "It's hot out here", and flip the bottom of her tank top up to her ribs, just below her tits, intently showing off. I knew she was, and in her car in between stops, told her to keep doing it, I knew she wore that sexy tank top on purpose, and the shorts with only her hot ass and seeable, if one looked, mound, only made it hotter. She was the talk of every party we went to. Good, from the men, pissy and bitchy from the women, a few of whom I did overhear calling her a slut. It was very fun.

    • I have tried to get my wife to be more adventurous in this area. Just the other day I gave her a couple of drinks and loosened her up enough to strip down to her panties while we were driving in the car in broad daylight. We drove through some busy areas and some construction zones. I was looking at people we passed by to see if anyone noticed/reacted. It didn’t look like anyone did. I was hoping someone would notice and smile or something. Maybe next time.

    • My wife though is not satisfied by my 3 inch cock when erect. She laughs while I fuck her. I secretly captured all the action and uploaded on Net for the whole world to see:

    • Just accept it. Mines the same. Just last Saturday I took her to eat and to a jazz club. She wore a black dress with no panties or bra, and her nips were barely visible but they were poking through hard. The waiter gave her a lot of attention. After that, I had a table reserved at the club. We had drinks, and I looked down and noticed she was facing me, but her legs were toward the stage, and they were slightly opened. I knew she was flashing up her dress, bare all, to the 12 man band playing. She did a lot of leg crossing, then opening them for a while then crossing again. She likes to let her dress ride up and have the waiter’s get a good look at her small patch of fur. She even bleaches her butt hole because she wants it perfectly clean looking. She isn’t happy with a flash unless she’s shown her butthole. I tease her saying “if they didn’t see your clit then it’s not enough” she hates that because flashing clit is much harder!

    • Just enjoy it and work it into your sexcapades with her.

    • Just let her do this. It obviously is her thing.

    • Try walking around with your balls out.

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