My neighbor, my teacher

Today I will teach you, as you might have guessed, and what you’ve been waiting for, pure hardcore sex. Now, you horny boy, fucking a woman’s vagina can be extremely exhausting - both for me and you, so be prepared for the workout of your life! And trust me, since I’ve been so neglected, I’m going to expect extra from you.”

She reached between her legs and grabbed hold of my penis and started stroking it, making it very hard.

“I’m going to start you off in the missionary position, but after that we'll see about something else.”

She pulled my hard penis forward until the head touched her swollen lips. I leaned forward and placed my hands on her shoulders.

“Now when I tell you to, push into my pussy. It will be a tight fit, seeing how huge you are and how long since I’ve been laid, but once you’re in you won’t regret it. Are you ready?"

"I’m ready to fuck your brains out Gail."

"Okay then, push it in, baby, deep it into me.”

I grunted and pushed my penis into her vagina, moaning as first my head and then my entire shaft sank into her pussy slowly. Oh god, was she tight. I moved my hips a little, trying to get the feel for her pussy and holding back my all ready swelling orgasm.

“Ohhh” she moaned, “It’s been soo long, God, I love how you feel inside my pussy!”

I started slowly pulling my penis out. then pushing it back in, pulling out and pushing in until I found a comfortable rhythm. She wrapped her legs around my hips and tossed her head from side to side, pulling me in closer till our pubic hairs ground together.

“Oh, Ben - you’re like... oh, like a mountain inside me. I don’t know how you fit it all in.”

I picked up my pace and was now holding onto her shoulders tightly, pounding my hips steadily into hers. With each thrust her perfect breasts jiggled up and down, I almost came just watching them. She too picked up her pace and started meeting my thrusts, bucking faster and faster against my pelvis. She dug her fingers into my back and held on breathlessly as I jammed my meat into her swollen cunt, watching as the flesh on her stomach and on her thighs vibrated with each stroke. I looked down at her pussy and watched as my dick shot back and forth between Gail’s cunt lips, reaching down to catch the pussy juice that squished out of her vagina with each thrust.

I brought my fingers to my mouth and licked her juices. She moaned loudly, very loudly, and leaned up to give me a kiss, a kiss so full of tongue and passion that I don’t know how I managed to hold on. She put her arms around my neck and humped me wildly, urging me on with her heels on my ass, her whole body began to jerk. I knew she was almost there, I could feel her pussy tighten and her breathing quicken. Then, throwing her head back and screaming, she came violently, explosively, ramming into my cock and squealing like a madwoman as the orgasm jolted through her nerves. I stopped and stared in astonishment as she continued to bounce on my cock, my hot, sexy, neighbor on my cock. To think that I could bring so much pleasure to a woman like her.

“Holy fucking shit! Oh God that was, that was awesome!"

"Don’t stop now Gail, I haven’t cum yet,” I said, resuming my thrusting. “Shit, you animal,” she screamed, looking down at my erect cock still in her pussy. “I don’t know how you do it, but hey, don’t think I'm going to give up that easily, I’m not your teacher for nothing.” Then she rolled me onto my back, climbing on top of me, spreading her legs before lowering her drenched pussy on my very hard pole.

She rode me faster and harder until sweat began to drip off of her nipples and onto my chest. I closed my eyes and moaned, opening them to find her bouncing up and down my shaft, furiously hopping up and down as my cock burrowed into her pussy. She was moaning loudly also, but I was too concentrated in my own surge of emotion. Her juices were spilling all over my balls as she slid my dick in and out of her. Suddenly I placed my hands on her hips and pulled her down firmly, once, twice, and then I exploded before I was expecting, sending a river of my cum crashing into her cunt.

She was cumming again, and her orgasm squeezed more sperm out of my cock I watched as streams of semen flowed out of her pussy and down to my balls. I was breathing deeply, almost choking, still thrusting my hips in the aftermath, not able to grasp that I had just cum inside my own neighbor Gail's pussy. She was still sitting on my cock, swaying back and forth dizzily, her eyes closed. Then she collapsed on my chest, arms splayed. I kept myself in her, rubbing her ass and lower back until my cock became limp and slipped out.

I guess she fainted, for when I kissed her she did not kiss back. I flipped her onto her back and watched in amazement as the sunlight spilled over her great body. She was red everywhere, her entire face flushed, and her body covered in sweat. Her beautiful blonde pussy was soaked in semen, some of which dripped down and onto the bed sheets. I nibbled at her pussy delicately, but she did not stir. Staring at her face, I leaned over and sucked her left nipple into my mouth, playing with it. I bit down softly, then harder, rolling it in my mouth. She then stirred.

“Oh my, what happened?” she asked.

She lifted her head and looked at her breast, then looked at her pussy and smiled. She reached between her legs and rubbed her slit, taking some of my semen into her mouth.

“Oh, so it wasn’t a dream Ben?"

"No, it sure wasn’t."

"I guess I must have fainted or something."

"That’s what it looks like teacher."

2 months ago

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    • Always flirted with my boss Lynn. She would tell me dirty jokes. We're both married. I'm 34 she's 50's. I took another job. On my last day she took me to lunch. Then she parked her SUV by the lake and gave me a blowjob.

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