Dad and me

I'm not going to lie. I have enjoyed it and came every time my father has touched me since I was 7. I'm 35 now and my husband can never make me cum like Daddy does. My husband also has a very low sex drive, once a month is a lot from him. I think he is gay.

I knew it was not what a daughter and father should do. But it felt so good, I wanted it constantly. My mom is a serious addict and caught us many times naked doing things together. But she didn't care, a month after we started I turned 8, she said to me "You start sleeping with him at night. "After that she never slept with him again. And I had my Daddy to myself.

We still make love almost every day. I stop by the house to be with him. On Friday I always go home and spend the night with him. Sex with him is Devine.

Both of my daughters are from him. My husband doesn't even care he accepted them as his children.

I'm thinking of getting divorced and going home. I can only be happy with my Daddy.

2 years ago

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    • So you're saying that you're incest?

    • People can’t be incest. They can engage in incest.

    • Your sick and need help, that's what's wrong with this world people like you.. get help... I feel sorry for your kids what happens when someone ask your kids who there father is ?? what do they say this is my father and grand dad.. sick.

    • After all of the torment and trouble you’ve caused you are the LAST person to lecture others.
      Some of your victims will never recover from the trauma you inflicted.
      You and you’re mother carried on as if nobody else would be affected and the children that you hurt are forever scarred!

    • The Anti-Incest Warrior approves this story as it parallels his own relationship with his mother for 27 years.
      Your mileage may vary.

    • Doesn't sound convincing

    • Sure, sounds like a balanced, healthy relationship.

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