I'm James, I had just turned nineteen and staying with a friend of my mother's named Jan. This was just for a couple of days while I went for an interview for a place at the university. Finances were tight for me and staying in her spare room for a couple of days, giving her a little money for my food and board made a lot of sense.

I was only going to be there for the interview and then I would find a flat with a couple of other students, if I was offered a place. In the meantime, she cooked breakfast, made sure I had a clean shirt, and fussed over me, making sure that I was neatly dressed and my shoes were polished, so that I would make a good impression on the interview panel.

The next morning however, I was just waiting to hear about my interview, with no particular hurry to get up. I lay on top of the bed in Jan's spare room with my eyes closed. I was slowly stroking the length of my cock that is always hard in the morning.

It felt so good to leisurely stroke my hard cock that I was soon lost in my own little world, centered around my stiff cock and the pleasures of a relaxed, gentle wank. My eyes were closed and my ears filled with the sound of my own breathing, so I never noticed the door slowly opening. I heard a soft gasp as I guiltily opened my eyes to see Jan, in her housecoat, watching me slowly stroking.

Blushing, I tried to hide my cock and my embarrassment behind my hands. Unfortunately, my cock was fully erect and there was no way that it could be hid. Jan just stood in the door for a moment and then stepped inside the room, closing the door behind her.

I was puzzled and amazed. Jan was moving closer, until she was able to perch on the edge of my bed. Her housecoat fell open a little way, displaying a deep cleft between her breasts as they hung down, heavy and ripe.

"You shouldn't stop," she told me," you might give yourself blue-balls. Here let me help you."

As she spoke, she lifted my hands away from my cock and wrapped her own fingers around my shaft. Her hand was warm and smooth as she stroked me with gentle, expert motions. Every couple of strokes, she would curl her fingers around my balls, gently hefting my sack and smiling as she felt the weight of my balls. I knew that I ought to stop her, but it felt so good that I said nothing and lay back, enjoying the feel of her hand upon my swollen knob.

"Oh, you naughty boy," she whispered, "trying to hide your beautiful cock from me."

Jan wriggled and her housecoat slid off her shoulders. Releasing her hold on my cock for a moment, she shrugged the housecoat onto the floor and I had my first real look at her naked. Her breasts were ripe, firm, but dangling a little with large swollen nipples, reddish brown, they were jutting out from the surrounding aureole. Taking my hands she wrapped my fingers around her nipples, which felt rubbery and yielding at first, but as I rolled them between my fingers and thumb, they became very hard. She closed her eyes and leaned forward a little filling my hands with her soft flesh.

"Oh God," she moaned, quietly, "Squeeze them, play with my nipples and tits."

The sound of her moaning and imploring me to tease her nipples was turning me on and my cock was even more swollen than when she had opened the bedroom door. I lifted my head and I could see a dark patch of pubic hair above her snatch, but not obscuring the lips of her sex. I could smell her juices, sharp and pungent, and the soft pubic curls glistened moistly.

She bent her head down and my cock was enveloped in warm wetness of her mouth swallowing the whole length of my cock easily. She swirled her tongue all over the head and shaft of my cock lapping at it greedily and then began bobbing her head up and down my meat. I could feel her mouth and tongue caressing me and she slurped noisily and greedily as though she could not get enough of my cock in her mouth and throat.

The sensation of her mouth going up and down on my cock was, to be honest, heavenly. I could feel the pressure of my cum building up in my balls and I guess that Jan had guessed I was ready to cum, because she slid my cock out of her mouth and pressed, just beneath the rim of my helmet. The need to cum eased.

Then she rolled over, onto her back, and hooked her hands behind her knees, pulling them back and pushing her pussy outward. For a moment I just watched her open-mouthed as she spread her thighs in front of me. I could easily make out the glistening pink outline of her sex between her legs.

"James, darling," she whispered, "Fuck me, I need your cock deep in my sopping wet cunt. Will you fuck me?"

I was dumbfounded. Not knowing what to say, I said nothing. instead, I knelt between her spread thighs. Taking hold of my cock by the base, I rubbed the tip along her cunt lips and felt the heat of her excitement. I took a deep breath and pushed slowly, sinking into her snatch and feeling it envelop my cock.

Slowly but firmly I pushed into Jan's dripping cunt, wet squishing noises punctuating my movements. She was grunting now, harsh guttural sounds like an animal in heat, every time I rammed into her. Gradually I speeded up until my balls were slapping against her ass with every stroke. I could smell her and feel her juices running over my cock and balls, but her cunt was too loose for my cock to gain enough friction to make me cum. Reaching down, I flicked her clit and that was enough to drive her over the edge. She arched her back and then spasmed beneath me, biting into my shoulder to stifle a scream of delight. Then she lay back and panting smiled up at me. Her smile changed to a little frown when she realized that I hadn't cum.

"Am I too loose for you James?" she asked.

I blushed and said nothing, but she realized that six children had stretched her cunt a little too much for my average sized cock. She just smiled and reached down to take my cock in her hand.

"We have to empty your balls she whispered and I know just how."

With my cock in her hand, she pressed gently, guiding it between the cheeks of her bottom to the tight ring of her anus. Then she took her hand away and I was pressing against the dark puckered entrance of her ass. She groaned quietly as I pressed the head of my cock against the dark ring and then, so suddenly I was unprepared for it, she pushed out and opened her anus for my cock to slide right inside.

Her ass was hot and tight, gripping my cock perfectly. I didn't hold back, just pounded my cock into her ass in missionary position, making her grunt and shoving her against the headboard of the bed with each thrust.

"I'm cumming," I growled.

"Yes, yes, fuck my ass and fill my ass," she screamed.

Jan spasmed again and I felt her anus lock down on the head of my cock as she writhed beneath me joining my orgasm with one of her own. I spurted what seemed to be gallons of hot cum into her ass, filling it to overflowing, before my cock softened and slipped out of her ass.

We lay next to each other panting and flushed.

"You know," Jan said, if you get into the university, you could always stay with me."

And I am pleased to say, that is just what happened. I go to the university and I live with Jan. It's our little secret, along with sharing one bed.

3 months ago

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