My partner's true identity...

For a long time now, I've liked my lovers younger. I'm a woman in her 40s, and I've always felt more fulfilled by the energy of a young man between 18 and 28. I used to date men in my age range or older, but once I traded the experience for the sexual vigor, I became hooked (I'm sexually... voracious, to put it mildly). My last boyfriend was fresh out of high school when we started dating, and people criticized us a lot. He was my love all his way through college. I've never married, and so far I think that's better for me.

I really like them young as you can see, which is why I was so tempted when a mystery man came into my life. He contacted me out of the blue on social media, claiming I was the only person he could find regarding something he was investigating. Turns out he had been adopted when he was a baby, and he had managed to trace everything back to the woman who was his birth mother. That woman had been my older half-sister, with whom I barely had a relationship growing up. She passed away due to illness shortly after having her baby, something I wasn't even aware of. So, this young man traced the last family he had left. Suddenly, I had a nephew.

This was not some random, wide-eyed kid, but a young, serious, handsome man with ambition. I agreed to meet him, and we hit it off, but not precisely in the aunt-nephew kind of way. We stayed in touch and met a few times in the following months, and each time, feelings for started to blossom within me. Feelings that were obviously wrong.

But since he was just my kind of man, I just couldn't help myself. Neither could he.

He was PERFECT. The kind of athletic, sharply-dressed, well-educated man that can treat his date like a queen, and then become a bull with the perfect-sized cock that can pin a woman down to turn her into a fuckdoll, then leave her gasping for air and dripping with sweat and cum... and then have another go after a short break. I CAN'T get enough of him, and the reverse is true.

So much, in fact, that we have been going at it for 5 years. He's currently 29 and I'm 45. I haven't had another lover since, and we're truly in a relationship. We can't make it formal because we don't know if his background would come up, but for now, nobody suspects a thing. We have different surnames, legally, so as far as everyone's concerned he's just another one of my young, vigorous lovers and I'm just the hot cougar he's dating. We're very aware of how wrong it is, but that just turns us on even more.

Our relationship could change soon, though. I'm pregnant with his baby. I hadn't pondered whether I wanted to be a mother, but I have a sudden urge for it, despite my age...

3 months ago

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    • Again the anti incest warrior is in the fight defending decency.

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