Hooked on my nephew

I obviously haven't told a soul about this, but... about a year ago my nephew and I started an incestuous relationship. He's my sister's son. I lived abroad for a long while, so he was basically a stranger to me. I finally came back home to settle down a couple of years ago, and he was already grown up.
I've always been into younger men (I'm 41) and, in fact, began dating a younger guy shortly after I arrived. My nephew and I started bonding little by little in a strictly platonic manner, but each conversation revealed to me he was very precocious for his age (we were around 39 and 21 back then), very experimented with women and sex. He's also very shamelessly flirty and, to be honest, very attractive: tall, muscular, gentlemanly. I started to feel drawn to him, sexually, soon afterwards, and the "taboo factor" didn't do much to stop me, quite the opposite. I started to bait him with certain comments, behaviors and the way I dressed, and it was evident that he reciprocated my attraction. I just went for it when I had a chance alone with him, and let's just sa we've been enjoying each other secretly ever since. We mostly use my ass to avoid pregnancy risks, but we've done pretty much everything you could imagine.
My problem now is that I only intended this to be temporary fun, and I guess he also sees it that way. I've drifted way from that little by little. He has fucked other women and I've fucked other men in the past year, but... I'm very hooked on him. Hooked to the point I'd rather fuck with him for the rest of my life and not sleep with anybody else. He's just my kind of man, he's sexy, he's good at fucking, and he's just the right size. He makes me cum and leaves me gasping for air in ways most women only dream of... and that's very hard to give up, specially when the "taboo factor" ramps up the adrenaline to 1000.


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