I want him, but I don't wanna push him

Ever since we were growing up, my family and I were very open-minded about everything. That included our sex education, where the bottom line was that, if it was consensual, safe and loving, sex was ok. I stretched that a little too far as a teenager, because my brother and I had a sexual relationship. We were very attracted and loved each other very much, but he is now deceased. He took our secret to the grave.

However, that experience taught me to live and experiment freely and fully with my sexuality. I'm currently in my 50s, still unmarried and childless, living a happy life of travel, work, sex and dating. Over the years I discovered I felt more sexually fulfilled by younger men, and I'm OK with that. I also never got involved with another man from my family again, because there were none. Until my nephew came along.

It started when we began to turn into a man, I started to notice him as a very handsome teenager. And I also noticed he was quite fixated with me too: I'm very fit and I like wearing revealing outfits, so it wasn't unusual for him to watch me dancing at family parties. To tease him I sometimes took him dancing with me. He's actually a great partner, but he was always visibly nervous around me. He still is that way with me, even though he's currently a very confident and handsome young man in his 20s

That shared taste for dancing brought us closer, in a platonic way. So much so that he and a friend took me out dancing one night, a few weeks ago. Said friend, I learned later on, had an interest in older women and a serious crush on me, so I took it as away for my nephew setting me up for a date. But with some drugs and alcohol in the mix, things took an interesting turn, and the three of us were really into it. It began as just a dance, but it turned hotter. The sight of me french-kissing my own nephew gave the other guy a hard on.

So we ended up at my nephew's place for a threesome. Not my first one by a long shot, but just the thought of this one had me burning up inside, because we were both aware that we wanted it. They both fucked me at the same time, but to be honest, all I was paying attention was to my nephew. He gave me the best ass fuck I've had in ages, and he did it with that very satisfying balance of making love to a lady and fucking a whore. Feeling him cumming inside of me, while his sweaty body shivered violently over mine, was one of the best sensations I've experienced in a very long time.

The next morning, after all the drugs and alcohol had wore off, his friend said he didn't judge us, took off and promised to keep his mouth shut. But things turned difficult with my nephew. He confessed to really wanting what had happened, but also feeling guilty about it. I tried to convince him that sex is just sex, and there's no reason why two adults shouldn't enjoy each other if that's that they wanted. He wouldn't listen, and while he didn't cut me off, I know he's been avoiding me this past few weeks. I can't deny I really want this to happen again, but not at the cost of him feeling so bad about himself.


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  • He crossed off the bucket list item of nailing you, and now he wants to go back to women his own age. Leave him alone.

  • Well, fun fact, I let a few days pass without pressuring him, and he asked to see me. We had a very honest talk about what he felt and what his worries were. He feared that I was just using him or that rather, I thought he was a pervert or an abuser and would judge him. We had a long chat about taboos and how many of them weren't really justified, that age is subjective, that sexual attraction is only human, and that it can be a beautiful thing to blossom between any couple of individuals. I let him in on my secret, that I had a very fulfilling sexual relationship with my brother when I was young, and that it was hotter, more loving and respectful than most "normal" relationships out there. I told him we could also have that, if he was open to it, and I also warned him of the risks and complications of having a secret like this.
    He gave in. He made love to me at first. Then I told him I wanted to be fucked, and he did just that the whole night. And he did that yesterday too. And he will when he comes over tonight, because we just can't keep our hands off each other now. He's by far the most fulfilling lover I've had in many, many years.

  • Yeah keep taking that dick. Get filled up.

  • He needs some time to process it all. People are raised to feel shame in an act like that when there's nothing to be ashamed of. Hopefully as his aunt you can help him break down some of his sexual barriers and hangups and he will eventually learn that sex with family is OK and just as beautiful as sex with anyone else.

  • I personally think it's even more beautiful.

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