I bought my wife a massage

For her 52nd birthday I bought my wife a massage. She came home after and told me the masseur was handsome, well built and funny. She liked it so much I bought her another one. This time she came home with red, swollen nipples and her breath smelling like cum.
Each time we had great sex for days afterwards. I don’t know if it is a good idea but I’m going to keep letting her getting “massaged” by him.

3 months ago

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    • Mine came home hornier than fuck from girls' Beach Week. It was Jenna's 20 year reunion with her sorority. Said she just missed me. She butt dials me to a link to a conversation were 2 of her mates say "BJ and Judy sure had a good time." I didn't know then BJ was Jenna. 6 months pass and she gets a new phone and she wants me to set it up. She's a tech 0. I get suspicious when she says why do I need the password? So when she gives it to me I comb her files and There's nude pictures of her from Beach Week. One pic is of a naked pic of her on a wall along with other naked pics of women her age, with there names and year below, Judy's naked there too. The banner on top read MILF with a check mark.
      The dumbest part they knew they were posing naked to go on that wall of shame. It was life guard house.

    • We did this on vacation, ordered massages for couples. We got there and they asked us to undress as much as we were comfortable with. When the host left, we got down to our underwear and I took off mine. My wife laughed, and said “you’re doing it naked?” I said “yeah, who knows maybe I’ll get a happy ending!” She laughed and said “what the hell, we’re on vacation” she took off her bra and laid face down. I said “hey, might as well get all naked!” I didn’t think she’d do it, but she took off her panties and laid down again. The masseuses walked in, one man and one woman. I had ordered two women, and was really looking forward to being naked with my wife and having two women massage us. Before I could say anything, the woman explained that they were short staffed and if we objected to the male we’d have to reschedule, but we were leaving the next day. So we said no problem, but I didn’t want a man’s hands on me! As I was face down receiving the massage, I asked for deep tissue and my wife asked for something else. I was face down most of the time but when I was asked to flip over, my wife was already on her back and her boobs were already oiled up. He was massaging her legs, and I know he had a good view. We had great sex after. She said he kept grazing her vulva and it drove her crazy when he massaged her boobs.

    • Let her get all she wants and enjoy

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