Navy Blue Leotards

I have a serious fetish for navy blue leotards (tights) and faded blue jeans. I dress up in my leotards and ripped blue jeans (criminal clothing) and have sought out women dressed in blue jeans and navy blue or black socks or women wearing navy blue or black leotards and pretend to them I have escaped jail and want to turn myself in before I am recaptured. Once a woman in black leotards told me me, "If I knew where the local jail was you would be there already." I once approached a uniformed female security guard with the same story and had pair of navy blue leotards hanging out the front of my jeans and she immediately began interrogating me very carefully and told me that she could call a cage car to have me delivered to the jail I, escaped before she did so. I know this is cowardly as I do not approach fully armed policewoman who would capture and immediately arrest me for my behaviour. I know too there are lots of tough women out there who like these would not hesitate to confront and capture me in their blue jeans and navy blue or black leotards!

3 months ago

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    • So, would baby blue leotards be a deal breaker ?

    • Perhaps law enforcement could display your head on a spike outside the jail after your execution as a deterrent to other like minded criminals like they did in the old days!

    • You would look great in your faded ripped blue jeans and navy blue leotards (your so called criminal clothes) in a nice thick leather belly-chain with attached leg irons being lead by two tough female jail guards to your jail cell! That's where you belong in a nice little cage! I am sure they would love to get their hands on you prisoner.

    • How about we hang you from your heels in a dungeon to give you time to think about what you are doing trying to intimidate women.

    • I like that maybe the blood rushing to his head will knock some sense into him!

    • I want your cock in my ass email me

    • I want your cock in my mouth and ass!

    • Yeh ok there feller! Do that today and the police will just kill you right on site!
      It is the new way of getting rid of scumbags that keep hassling the police and neighbors!

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