I find that every black will fuck anything that's white and has a hole that means men or women.... i'm a 375 lb white woman and the only think that comes my way is black men i know they'll fuck just about anything but i will not bring myself to that low level... my excuse is if you can't find a black women to fuck then why would i fuck thank you

9 months ago

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    • I would tell you that because of your size most men would look at you as a mercy fuck. Sorry to be so blunt but its time for you to slim down. My old lady put on a lot of weight after she has our last child. She hit 180 on the scale. She noticed a sharp drop off in blacks wanting to date her. She went on a crash diet and lost 65 pounds. Now she is back to dating black men 10-20 years younger than her. She also begged me to let her get a boob job. So she is 5-4 115 pounds and 43 years old 40D tits. Loves to fuck bbc.

    • If someone wants sex then give it up as long as they make you cum

    • I am not sexually attracted to black men, no matter how big is cock is. I'm not racist I just don't find most black men sexually attractive. I get very excited about a huge white cock swinging around between a white man legs. And my friend who likes black men and has had sex with many, told me that they don't all have big cocks only a few do

    • Nothing wrong with black men. My wife has had many black boyfriends over the years. What the hell does it matter what color his skin is. Most black men are better in bed than white men. Im bisexual and ive been with black men. When it comes to sex it doesn't matter what color your skin is.

    • "Most black men are better in bed than white men."

      "When it comes to sex it doesn't matter what color your skin is."

      So which is it?

    • Im a cross dresser i love black men and black cock

    • Black cock is amazing, foolish racist.

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