I love women of color

This is just a fantasy i guess , i am in my mid sixties , and i am so in love with Black women , I had my chances when i was a younger man to be with a few Black female friends i knew , but i was just to chicken to go there , always wondering what white people would think . Black women have what no other women have ! They have Essence , pure Essence . I realize not all Black women are the same , When i see one or come near her ! i almost loose myself , I would give anything in my life to spend a weekend knowing what loving pure Essence would truly be like .

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  • I'm a black female, 24 y/o and I love the contrast of my boyfriend's hard white cock sliding in and out of my tight black pussy! I'm pretty sure we both get off on the fact that we're a mixed couple

  • When I was in my 50’s I was seeing a black girl in her 20’s. Yes I was a sugar daddy or they call it “ my trick”. I love a nice black bubble butt. She was a stripper but I took her away from that. She knew a lot of other black strippers and would bring some over for a three some. She was bisexual so u could imagine. She was open for anything. She used a strap on me, peeing on me we did it all. I love to see my white cock going in and out of her. Especially when I fucked her ass which I need.

  • You indeed were a lucky man . thanks for sharing .

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