My fantasy is candaulism-by-proxy. I want to send nude pics and videos of my wife, which clearly shows her face, to someone online and tell him to spread them all over the Internet, and to brutally expose her. Finally, I’ll mention which sites to not post them on, since I know some of my friends frequent them. I know he won’t listen to me, so he’ll post all of her nudes to all of the sites I told him not to post them on. I want to enjoy feeling my lack of control as I beg him to remove them her nudes from these sites, as I send him more pics and videos. The pics and videos I’ll be sending him have much more extreme content than the previous pics and videos I sent.

In the previous pics and videos, all that was shown was her sexy body, clear views of her sexy, intimate parts, her pretty face, and her stripping and masturbating. The latter pics and videos, which also clearly show my wife’s face, would be hardcore pornography. Specifically, they’ll show my wife getting fucked hard by studs with enemourmous dicks. The videos include me jerking off as I watch my wife getting pounded, as she moans and squeals from nonstop orgasms. All of the videos would show her her cunt getting filled with their cum. All of the videos would show my small dick erupting with huge loads of cum. As I beg the person to remove her pics and videos from the sites my friends frequent, he’ll eagerly upload all of the hardcore cuckold porn I send him to these sites. I would love it if he told me that even if I changed my mind about exposing these pics and videos, he was still going to spread them all over the Internet. I would love it if he taunted me by letting me know that, whether I liked it or not, he’s going to make my slut wife an amateur porn star.

The risk of knowing that I have no control over what happens to these pics and videos, especially knowing that the person in control is mercilessly inclined to let people I know find them, dramatically heightens the thrill of normal candaulism.

Disclaimer: I wouldn’t do any of this without my wife’s and her various bull’s permission. Once I get their permission, I’ll fulfill it.

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  • Showing pictures of your wife on some of the sites is one thing, but showing her face is totally wrong. A lot of guys are proud to show their hot wives, but to show their face OR identify them by name is so fucking wrong. Why do you want to be so evil towards her unless you are separated or just trying to get even for some reason or another. IF she doesn't want this, she could have your butt arrested for this kind of abuse. Think about it buddy.

  • Did you read OP’s disclaimer at the bottom? It’s not evil, if he has her consent.

  • Has she already got a bull then?

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