Embarrassed to admit this

My girlfriends niece Tamara lives with us since last September. She is 22 years old and looks like her father, which is not a compliment. She keeps to herself most of the time and has never been a problem. She has a part time job at the deli down the street but other than that only has one friend I know of a girl named Gail. I work 4 til midnight so the only time I have with my girlfriend is mostly on weekends since she works daytime. We've lived together for over 4 years and get along great. I have been sleeping naked for years with never any concern about privacy and don't need any with my girl. It was late October last year the first time I realized Tamara was coming into my room after my girlfriend went to work. Its warm here so I know Tamara had to see me naked. It kind of pissed me off at first but kind of aroused me that she would do that. My girlfriend leaves for work right about 7:30 every morning so I'm still sleeping. She shuts the door but I guess never locked it and still don't. I only knew for sure Tamara came in twice so I began setting my alarm just to see if she was doing it on purpose. Sure enough the second day I was awake she came into my room where I intentionally didn't have a sheet covering me. I just laid there naked moving around a little bit but pretending to sleep. I never realized how brazen that girl was til then and she stood right next to the bed looking at me for more than 15 minutes. At one point as I was laying on my side I got a hard on and realized I liked having her see me nude. I had never done anything like this before and never even thought about it. After she left was the first time I masturbated in a long time. Shamefully I wasn't the least bit embarrassed that she saw me naked and clearly saw me with an erection.

Tamara don't work on Mondays, Wednesdays or Thursdays so that's the mornings she comes in and I purposely am uncovered and expose myself to her. I did talk to her often and began saying things to her about my sleeping. I told her a bomb could go off and I wouldn't hear it or I could get smacked in the face and wouldn't wake up. At one point I told her I took sleeping pills before bed. Here I was willingly encouraging her to come into my room to see me nude only because it was arousing me. She obviously believed everything I told her because she became more brazen and would walk around both sides of the bed. The more often she came in the more I would move around totally exposing myself. I would lay there often on one side or the other legs open enough that my anus was visible. Other times I would be flat on my back with one leg bent up and most of the time with an erection. I would squint slightly to see her looking at me and many times she would rub her vagina but always has pj's on. I'm not to happy about one thing and that is the pictures she has taken with her cell phone but there is nothing I can do about it. I am sure she doesn't want my girlfriend to know what she is doing.

I don't jerk off every time Tamara comes in but do more often than I'm willing to admit. I'm pretty sure it was mid February the first time she brought Gail in my room with her. Since the Gail comes in a few times a month and both stay looking at me for up to a half hour or more. The 2nd time she brought Gail in was the first time Tamara touched my dick with her index finger. I was soft at the time and she lifted my penis a little bit and needless to say I got an immediate erection. From then on I try not to get a hard on until she touches me. She has never held my dick but she does put her finger under it and lifts it slightly. She has touched my scrotum often also but only with her finger. The problem is the pictures they have taken because I have no idea who they could show them to. I can't stop them from taking the pictures without them knowing I'm awake and knowing what they are doing. I've only spoken to Gail one time and it was months ago when Tamara introduced her. Tamara has no clue that I'm awake and when I talk to her its like nothing is going on. I'm just afraid my girlfriend could see the pictures even though I know she is not the type to snoop on her niece's phone. I never thought how arousing it is to be viewed the way I am by Tamara and Gail. Its embarrassing to admit this to myself and I could never admit I am doing this to anyone I know.

3 months ago

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