A Mother And Her Son

Life changed when my son turned seven. He was a “man,” and no longer willing to use the women’s restroom. I recognized pretty quickly that we needed to talk. My son was armed with a new set of rules to use a public restroom. I transformed myself into the caring mother standing outside the men’s room, staring at gentlemen going in to use it. I was quick to open the men’s room door and call for my son if he had been in there for any length of time.

And then it happened. The moment I prayed would take its time showing up in our home reared its weird, awkward head: Puberty!

I swear, it’s like a psychological parasite invades your home. It hit and before I knew it, my baby boy was noticing girls, and worse, they were noticing him. Now, instead of spending 10 minutes in the bathroom pretending he was taking a shower, he was spending 20 minutes in the bathroom pretending to take a shower.

I always thought that when the day came for my son to have “The Talk,” his big Birds & Bees moment would come from a man. I knew it would not be his father, I had hoped his grandfather would be up for it, but all I know is that when it was time, the burden fell directly on my shoulders. And it was… different.

He was still “son” and I was still “Mom,” but a line had been drawn. The dynamics had changed. I didn’t have a man to turn to, but I did have the internet. I knew how to carry myself when my son began to mature. I made a point to cover myself appropriately when walking around the house. My son would do the same when it came time for changing clothes or using the restroom. We were no longer just “mom” and “son.” We were now “male” and “female.”

And now when I speak about sex, he smiles. He looks like he is literally trying to physically transport himself to anywhere in the world where I am not. His “I know Mom” has changed. He “knows” not from our talks, but from the junk disguised as wisdom he watches.

Now our talks have changed. We talked a lot when a female much older than my son began to show him attention typically reserved for pay-per-view cable. That inspired me to discuss STDs. Which by the way, never again will I YouTube STDs. The images of herpes in the eye, which all my life I never knew possible, had my face instantly contorted into something unrecognizable. My son?

There came a point when these talks would make my son so uncomfortable, that we would have the discussions while riding in the car together where he was trapped in the car with me—Mom. He had nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.

My family members think I’m crazy for calling my son’s penis a “penis” and having him call it what it is. But I’m always like, “I wouldn’t give any other body part a nickname, so why this one?” I don’t want it to be taboo or seem like we can’t talk about it or anything.

3 months ago

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      What you bitching about? You got replies!
      I loved you replies and what you called me!
      Because you still can't see the bigger picture!
      But I won't be replying back to you stupid comments
      anymore! If someone posts a sick reply I will bury it with a shit load of bull shit posts! Fuck off and get the hint Your sick incest and pedophilia posts will be trolled by me every time one comes out!

    • Because incest is wrong in society period.
      Adults having sex has resulted in unplanned pregnancies! And that would extend to incest couples! With over a 42% birth defect rate in direct incest like brother, sister and sibling and parental or grand parents that is unacceptable!
      Human beings have an anti-incest mechanisms by instinct programed into us. It is known as the Yuck factor and it is an instinct period.
      Because of that most of society will not tolerate incest happening around us. Like seeing brother and sister holding hands or acting as a couple around us.
      The odds of both incest partners defeating the yuck factor simultaneously are greater then winning the lotto. So there is always a perpetrator and a victim! The victim may give in after a time and accept it, but would have never had incest if it wasn't for the perpetrator!
      Even when the victim gives in, they as well as the perpetrator may and has experienced regret from incest! The severity of that regret can and has led to suicide and murder! People that have experienced incest can and have experienced mental issues from mild too severe that requires extensive treatment and suffer PTSD for the rest of their lives. That goes for the perpetrator as well as the victim.
      A part of that regret is being shunned by family and friends when caught!
      Research has shown that incest is a very hazardous situation to get into! As the cost of incest with loss of human life as unexceptionable! It has also shown that over 97% of incest the victim is an underage child because children are easier to control and have incest sex with.
      There is many more reasons but I would need a large book to put it all into.
      Those are real facts based on research and arrests for incest!

    • Get this fact over 97% of incest involves a child!
1st. Father and daughter severely underaged!

2nd. Father and son severely underaged!

3rd. Adult male family member Grandfather, uncle, step parent involving a severely underage female child followed by a male child.

4th. Male sibling usually 5 plus years on the underage female child followed by a male child.
      Sibling experimentation is very rare except if one of the siblings is exposed to s** like being molested.

5th female adult incest with underage male child followed by female child

      6th Female sibling usually 7 years or more on underage male child followed by female child!
      Once again Sibling experimentation is very rare except if one of the siblings is exposed to sex like being molested.

Last and very very rare is mother or with underage male child followed by female child.

Child victims of incest, 25.6% of them had attempted suicide, 52.0% had suicidal ideation, and 23.6% have killed themself's! Major depressive disorder was the most common psychiatric diagnosis.


The remaining incest is adult incest involving adults is the lowest part of incest happening! Adult incest has its consequences to! 
Regret being number one especially if drugs or alcohol are involver at the time. Incest between adults have led to suicide or homicide mainly from fear of being caught! Mental conditions that range from suicide to homicide are part of incest.


Then there is pregnancy from incest! That too has caused murder because of false love syndrome. With a normal birth defect rate of around 4%, In non direct incest it jumps to 7% rate. In direct incest the birth defect rate skyrockets to 42%! Direct incest is incest between parents or grandparents-sibling s**. Non direct incest is 1st cousins and lower down the family tree

    • It is estimated that incest occurs in 3-5% at any given time. That is 3 to 5 families in 100 families!
But over 97% of those incest cases are between an adult and a underaged child!


If incest occurred at the full 5% then with 97% of incest occurring with a child! That leaves 0.15% of adult and adult incest happening at any giving time!


Incest is going down due to it being much harder to commit incest without getting caught! 
DNA and genealogy being a big part of it!

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