My sister

I watched my sister playing with her self
I have had a hardon since can’t stop thinking about it. I which i would of thought of using my phone and video it.

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  • I watched my mom use a vibrator on her pussy when I was around 14 years old. My mom divorced my dad when I was 12 and I guess she decided to stay single until I was raised. I have an older sister, but she was away at college when this happened. I remember it was a Saturday afternoon, mid September. I told my mom I was going to ride my bike to a friends house and I left. I got a few blocks away and I remembered I was going to trade one of my skateboards to my friend. So I turned around and went back. When I walked in the back door, I noticed my mon was gone. She was in the kitchen a few minutes ago when I left. Oh well, so I head upstairs to my room and as I get to the top of the stairs I'm hearing this strange buzzing sound. I'm 14, so I have no fucking clue it's a vibrator. As I get to my room, I could see in the door across the hall of my mothers bedroom. I could see in the reflection of the dresser mirror my mom laying naked on her bed with her legs open. She was rubbing the vibrator on her pussy and shoving it in herself while she rubbed her tits with her other hand. That was first time I had ever seen a naked woman, and my dick got rock fucking hard. I stood there and watched for a few minutes until I went back downstairs to the bathroom where I jacked off. Then I quickly left the house before she realized I was there. I never did get the fucking skateboard, but I still remember that image of my mother naked and masterbating. She has no idea to this day that I caught her.

  • I bet you thought about your naked mother masturbating, while you stroked your cock until you busted a nut many times.

  • Well of course I pictured my mother naked masterbating. It's kind of sick now that I think about it, but at the time I was 14 and never saw a naked woman before.

  • It's not sick at all. There lots of us who fantasize about family members but just don't like to admit it.

  • Absolutely they fantasize
    Thats why this site is awesome
    Weather its fantasies or real.
    My wife in has told me everything she did our happen to her when she was younger

  • Alot of people have secrets about their past involving family.

  • Thats why anonymous confessions is so awesome.

  • Absolutely

  • Yes

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