Pregnancy Risk

This is going to sound horrible but...

I’m married but I fantasize about risking pregnancy with a stranger. The idea of cumming inside a woman without protection drives me insane.

(I’m in the Hampton Roads area)

3 months ago

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    • I am a married white women 33 years old. In my nine years marriage I have four affairs and lots of one night stands. Most of my lovers have been black. I love the risk of becoming pregnant by one of my lovers. I always fuck them bare and tell them to bred me. Drives the guys crazy. The truth of the matter is I am on the pill. Two of the men I had a long term affair with I did fuck while i was off the pill but nothing happened. Just my luck I guess.

    • I get it completely. In 2008, I entered into a physical relationship with my wife's female boss, when she came on to me at their office Christmas party. I was bored of my marriage, but I couldn't imagine why Mya had even agreed to it, much less initiated it, because there's nothing special about me. Finally, one afternoon in bed, at our favorite B&B 30 miles out of town, she explained that she needed someone to get her pregnant because her husband seemed unable to accomplish it. As I crawled into bed and got on her, she said "I'm ovulating just for you, you filthy fucking bastard--- SO KNOCK MY NASTY ASS UP!!" Every time after that always included more of the same "exhortations" to empty my sack and to "breed the bitch" (her favorite encouragement to me). Though we'd agreed that one child was our limit, we couldn't stop. We've had three more since then, including a set of twins, and neither her husband nor my wife are any the wiser. I responded to your post because I think there's great truth to the fantasy appeal of having a child or children outside our marriages. While Mya isn't a "stranger", per se, all our children are technically illegitimate, and even she gets off on pretending that we're.having more illegitimates sometimes when we fuck. When she wants me to cum quickly, she'll still wrap her legs around my back and scream "breed me NOW!" Even though we use protection now, hearing her say those things gives me an incredible thrill. Thank you for the insightfulpost!!

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