Merry Maid

I have always been a sissy. Determined to put myself in a maids life. I love cleaning and performing chores. This is not a fantasy of clothing but a real feeling of enjoying serving as a female maid. To be employed as a uniformed live in maid. Required to sign a legal contract that seals me in my fate. I have served before but just temporary. Finding myself in a permanent situation having my maleness wiped away. Being seen as nothing more than a common maid. Feminized and dressed to my employers desire. A submissive well behaved maid. Forever.

3 months ago

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    • I got my sweet, tight and well shaped preppie 15 year old bottom wrecked by the gay maid mom hired this summer. He comes three times a week and literally comes like three times that much in me...
      I've only been with one other boy and it's like the best thing until Pedro's been here? I mean I'm kinda cute actually almost pretty and would be so screwed if my friends find out....he's lots older, Mexican and my friends make fun of Mexicans but I never did.

    • I want your cock email me

    • OOOHHHH!!!! Jerrybob, I want you too, I will be dressed in my silkies, I want you to lift my little maids dress and press your hardness against my frilly knickers while I feel you slobbering over my neck as your hands grope my erection!!!!

    • You go girl I love your ideal

    • I do most of house work and joke with my wife that I need to wear a French maids outfit. She said one day she would surprise me with one and make me wear it. I’ll mention it again along with the ruffled panties and dire her. If she bought it I’d have to put it on right ?

    • Answer the question below! It is a yes or no answer!

    • No. You sound like a very dominant and successful man. That would increase my motivation to prove myself as your submissive feminine maid. Dressed in a common maid uniform and looking respectful. Serving a strong alpha demands attention and dedication. I would work hard to please you. Addressing you as Sir. Always respecting you with a curtsey. Money is not the goal. Acceptance as a quality working woman is.

    • Yes

    • So what if I was to give you a maids job! But you had to wear a suit and tie! would you take it if I paid you well for cleaning my house only.
      Answer the question!

    • My manfriend that I have now for over a year since I started my freshman year in high school has me play dress up when I visit after school. My favorite is the maid costume with ruffle butt panties, I never figured that I'd like stuff like that till I met him.

    • My man friend would also make me dress up in outfits. We were both very into seeing me and using me while in pantyhose or stockings. Different outfits and uniforms till one night after I put on my crotch less pantyhose and heels I was presented with a nun costume. It actually became one of the hottest role play sex sessions ever. I came so hard in my pantyhose and nuns habit after he edged me over and over for two hours.

    • I've always loved wearing panties since I was a kid and thought that wearing pantyhose made me look kinda freaky. After a lot of fun with other boys closer to my age. My cute sissy bottom was curious for a man's love. I met him on a dating site and had a whole bunch of old guys in line wanting to give "a fresh inexperienced young bottom wants an experienced gentle top for fun" a good fucking. The fact that I was so young didn't make any difference he was like so analytical, slight of build, boyish to the point of preppie and effeminate in panties. Everything but pantyhose which was one of his preferences. After an after school love Fest of me taking mancock orally then gloriously in my boypussy . As I pulled up my panties,rolled onto my back we kissed and made another date between him kissing my neck, cheeks and lips for the next day. He was analytical again and asked me to wear my sister's uniform and and pantyhose because he loves a slutty little schoolgirl... Was that an experience for a relatively inexperienced boy!

    • I wear panty hose almost everyday, nothing better than the way your pants just float over them. The feeling of my penis and nuts being held so tightly is great.

    • Ok Hazel

    • Your a pretty qeer jerk are'nt you

    • I would love nothing more then to be forced into being a sexy woman. I've dreamt about it. I've thought about starting a trans maid service myself. But I don't have the nerve.

    • So what if I was to give you a maids job! But you had to wear a suit and tie! would you take it if I paid you well for cleaning my house only.

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