Rough start in life. I was Molested by my uncle at a young age

I was very young boy ore-puberty my visiting uncle took me fishing in his custom van. He fed me beer told me what a little penis I had, that I'd be a much better girl forcing me to do things too him.Nothing about it was pleasurable. My body betrayed me buy cumming while he did me in the butt..
I've been confused sexually my whole life since. After uncle was gone I was the little boy that jacked off and sucked the older boys in their tree forts.

When dad found out he beat me naked with his belt saying no boy of his was going to be a queer. We moved to a new state. I discovered girls a couple years later and would go through life,marry have children living the straight life.

Deep within my body was this deep craving. That tingling,craving deep within my gut,Sneaking peeks at dicks,trying to suppress that craving to taste the forbidden spunk from my distant memory.

My past was how I knew my wife was cheating on me.She came home smelling and tasting like dick when I ate her. Oh I thought I'd forgotten that taste, yet there it was. So
I was soon to learn that my wife was putting out to half dozen men in our life including my own father.(The latter devastating) We divorced. After that I stumbled thru a drug and alcohol semi suicidal time. I met and remarried an open minded woman who believed all humans are born Pan sexual that society, churches teach same sex is taboo. She was truly open minded .Cancer took her after only 4 years....I miss her every day.
For you child molesters out there you have no idea the life long non reversible mental damage you are causing the child(even if that child does it willingly). A child doesn't know any better..


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  • I was 14 when my uncle got me drunk and got me to do oral on him. He came i swallowed and at that moment only wanted cock. Later that night he took my ass. I came from it. I only wish he had started when I was 12 and started to feel attracted to boys.

    I'm 25 and still service him 2 or 3 times a week. I'm also with several anonymous pickup also who use me mostly anally. I need to be fucked hard daily it feels so good.

    The thought of being with a woman is disgusting to me. Real men should only be cum inside gays like me.

  • In elementary school an older teenage boy popped my cute little cherry ass and I liked the feelings I got from being cummed in. I was 12 when I started to get different feelings when with him and a few other older boys. It was the start of puberty that really made bottoming with another boy so special.

  • My first sexual experience was with a man when I was 8, he never forced me, he seduced me and I enjoyedcwhat he did with me at the time. It never made me homosexual though just rites of passage. I do not condone in any way adult interference with a child's sexuality, it did not affect me much but a different by could have been very disturbed about it.

  • Pubescent twink boy's all like a man's attention and secretly wants to be his bitch if groomed properly.

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • IF you really been molested and are having problems with it.
    Go to a therapist and start with them and then because of new laws on child abuse go to the police and file a report against your uncle.
    I don't believe you but it true go get help.



  • All, this guy needs compassion, he's advocating AGAINST, not for pedos. We hope he gets the help he needs.

  • No he ain't He is a sick pedo that thinks all boys that are molested by a man is instantly transformed in to a gay boy. When in fact they have severe PTSD and have problems with sex and some even take their own lives.
    It's a sick pedo post leave it alone.

  • Sounds just like you!

  • You idiot it is a pedo post. I don't care about sexual preference. Children that have been raped by men do not go gay as he posted. It doesn't happen. Children of sex abuse have severe PTSD and need a lot of therapy to help them heal. These sick bastards have posted that as a kid being force to suck cock and get ass raped automatically love it and turn gay. That don't happen at all. It is a sick pedophilia post.

  • Hey moron, quit trying to deflect away from all of the sick things you’ve done with children and animals! Gays are another sick tribe and I could care less if they have sex with other adults but YOU cross the line every time with those kids you claim to be ‘nurturing’. Just put a loaded shotgun in your mouth and pull the trigger. Problem solved.

  • Fuck off pedo I hope someone kills you!

  • Shame on you!

  • He is right! It is a pedophilia post read it again. Victims of rape are not like that.

  • Guess a rapist like you would know all about that.

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