Parting shot

My wife's father was a rotten person to the core. She blamed him for the worst part of her childhood. Last year he was diagnosed with cancer and was in his final days. He was unable to speak, but could hear just fine. I decided to tell him everything he never wanted or expected to hear. Since he hated black people so much, I explained in full detail that I had turned his daughter on to black cock. I allowed her to fuck the biggest black cocks that we could find. His eyes widened as I continued to tell him how much she loved those black cocks and has had at least a dozen by last count. How I especially loved to see that black cock fucking his daughter and shooting his black cum until it leaks from her like I love. Nobody ever knew I did that. Feels good.

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  • Wow. So many questions. How did that all start? Who's idea? How long did he live after you told him?

  • It started out completely as my idea. The first time she saw a porn with a black guy she asked me to skip the scene. When I asked why she explained about her fathers opinions and upbringing. He did a number on her. So I made sure to find videos that had at least one black guy fucking a white women. I got her drinking one night and played a movie I knew the guy had a huge cock. When she saw it playing I got brave and said damn that's fucking hot. She was shocked I would say that. I told her I wanted to watch that big black cock fuck that girl and know that it was turning me on. I pulled out my cock and stroked it to prove it while teasing that I wish it was her getting that big black cock. That was the start. It took time. But I did the impossible and corrupted a sweet wife into a black cock loving naughty girl. He lived about 2 days thinking about what I told him about his girl

  • That's wild man. Cold revenge. Turning his daughter out to black men and then telling him the details. Wow. So tell more about your wife getting fucked. Interesting

  • Yeah, fuck him. I hope you showed him pics and maybe turned his wife on to black cock too. I hate assholes like that guy.

  • I hated him too. And yes I did turn his daughter who is my wife into fucking black cock. Amazing

  • I didn't show him any pics. However I made sure to tell him all about how I find only black guys with horse sized cocks. How I corrupted his sweet princess into a black cock fucking campion. How she tells them to fuck her white pussy with his huge nigger cock. I told him my favorite was to watch his cock pumping the fuck out of her and shooting his load into her guts and watch it slowly run out of her freshly pounded pussy.

  • Good for you. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ

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