I like gaining weight for some reason

I started working from home last year and it gave me good opportunity for frequent snacking. I also stopped moving around as much. 6 months in, I had my annual doctors appointment where I found out that I had gained a little more than 30 lbs, putting me at about 20 lbs overweight. Somehow, hearing the doctor call me overweight awakened something in me. I realized I had a belly sitting on my naked lap, and I became ridiculously turned on.

I went home, put on a tight shirt, and masturbated to how big I accidentally got.

Now it's developed into a constant arousal. I started eating meals as snacks and bigger meals at meal time. I have now gained 90 lbs total and look like an actual fat girl now. My friends comments about me getting fat turn me on. Pushing on my flab turns me on. I can't get off unless one of my hands is grabbing a handful of belly fat.

I can't stop getting fatter, and I don't think I really want to.

3 months ago

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    • Hot bartender friend of mine gained a bit and said she "plumped up", which she did, and didn't think she looked good. The more I eyed up her body, the sexier she became. She's not fat, but is more rounded and plump, full. I chatted with her outside when she was on break, as I had many times before, went behind her and wrapped my hands around her waist and tummy, making her laugh, and told her how sexy she looked this way. Don't say you don't look good. You look amazing, beautiful, and sexy. She told me I made her feel like a princess, and she needed to reward me for making her feel good. She's still very beautiful and sexy even with the plump weight gain.

    • My 105# bride - after kids and 20 years plumped up to 165# -- most of the extra went to her big tits, big ass and thunder thighs. She carried it really well, like a chubby hooker in you see in movies. I couldn't stop fucking her. She dresses up like a hooker: mini skirt, pink stocking with a garter belt exposing some bare thunder thighs, sheer top exposing her pink half bra and lots of tit.
      She asked the cheap motel clerk for my room number I rented. He said her first visit to his motel was free, "but next time come early and give my a blowjob." She joined a gym and lost 40# -- I still like fucking her. It's like I had the wives to bed: small, medium and large. I have plenty of nude photos of all 3. Playing "tell me something naughty" I told her I ogled the coed neighbor sunning herself in a bikini. "Oh crap, that's all? The motel clerk was really hot. I put my hooker suit on, and went back like I had another John there and gave him the blowjob."

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