Embarrassing flappy excess skin

I'm a female 5"5 aged 35. I used to weigh 700 lbs and was bed bound at my heaviest. Iv allways been pear shaped and the 1st place my fat goes to is my lower body and the last place is my boobs :-( .anyway in just under a year and a half I managed to lose 255 lbs. Such an amazing achievement and I'm soo proud of myself. The only problem is I'm left wiv sheets of shriveled up saggy excess skin. I'm much more wobbly now than when I was full of fat. The bottom of my left thigh spills over the inside of my knee and hangs down to my ankle. It swings about when I walk so I have to wear floor length skirts in public to hide it. My apron belly now hangs down below my lady bits and my empty boobs hang down to my waist wen I take my bra off. When I put my hands behind my head my flappy arms hang halfway down to my waist but one hangs about 4 inches lower than the other. Even when spread my feet as wide as I can my inner thighs still rub all the way down to my knees. im all the way down to 445 lbs now but allot of my excess weight now is just empty excess skin but when I'm naked it makes me look soo much fatter than I really am cos I'm soo droopy now. I'm proud of my loose excess skin because it shows off my amazing weight loss. I don't know if some men would secretly like my jiggly skin or maybe it's soo gross it might be kind of kinky to some men

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  • You know what is gross? Listening to all these freaks who like fat flabby women. They are the real sickos on here. Not the bitch with all the flabby lose skin blowing like a flag in the wind. Well she is fucking disgusting also . Yuk!

  • No it's not gross that some men like my Wobbly extra skin and at least I done something about being a fatty and lost a ton of weight!

  • Good for you. Don't listen to the sick fucks out there. Keep sending letters to plastic surgeons telling them what you have accomplished. One will do and easy excessive skin removal job for free if you can't afford it.

  • Oh thank you hun, that's soo kind of you to say. It's soo unfair I'm left with all this saggy skin after my remarkable achievement. Not many women could lose an astonishing 255 lbs of pure fat. I'm an inspiration for all women who are struggling to lose weight and need a role model to aspire to xx

  • This dear lady has worked hard to change herself. I'm very distressed by the comments here. It saddens me to read these negative hurtful words.

    God loves us all. Not some of us but all of us. He changed my life. I was a young woman who ended up working the streets of New York. A life of endless tricks , alcohol, and drugs. Looking for love in the wrong places. Men only wanted to use me and get what they could from me. I thought about ending my life on many occasions. Till one day a stranger spoke with me about God and told me about another way of life. I had never heard this story. About someone who truly loved me and wanted to help me. Her words led me to seek a new life. I thank God for her and the wonderful words she spoke to me. She told me that God loves me and was waiting for me to ask for his help. It was so simple. It wasn't easy it took work. But she gave me hope and I don't even know her name. I thank God for her everyday. And for the words she spoke to me. I was a sight then. Most people looked right through me like I wasn't even there. I was dirty and looked just like what you see in the movies. Everyone who looked at me knew I must be a hooker. I was 18 and very skinny. Long dirty brown hair bleached to blonde. Black fishnet stockings and a black leather shirt. Silver four inch high heels and a red sparkly low cut top . Most of the time I didn't even wear a bra. Way too much makeup
    . All the cops knew me and I even serviced a few to keep from being busted . Life wasn't very promising. I remember watching Pretty Woman with another friend thinking yeah right where is this prince who is going to save us. My friend wasn't so lucky. She was found with a broken neck face down between two cars in a parking lot. I made it out with the Lord's help and several people he sent to help me.

    Sister Mary Margaret
    God bless you
    God really loves you and cares.

  • Thank you hun. I just wish I cud have ur figure. I'd look awful wiv no bra on :-( I'd love to b able to wear mini skirts like u as well

  • Sister what about the sin of gluttony . You forget about that. These people are till they blew up like a giant beach ball. I say to hell with you and those fat fucking bastards. No sympathy from me sister. None for you either you old fucking whore. You are going to hell also. For selling that pussy on the street. Now kiss my fucking asshole.

  • Well wish my wife would lose some weight. I am going to show her your post. Maybe it will inspire her. I worry about her weight. We both could lose some weight but her more than me. She is heavier than me. We weren't always over weight either. It sneaks up on you as you age.

  • Well I'm the Queen of weight loss hun. Not many women could lose an astonishing 255 lbs x

  • Wow that is really awesome. My wife is about 205 now. I'm 180 and we both are the same height at 5ft 8 in. I still love her buddy worry about her health. Her back hurts and her hips ache all the time. Best of luck to you.

  • I'm desperate to get below 300 lbs so I can get excess skin removal surgery but I'm really struggling and iv gone back up to 500 lbs now. I would mind so much but it ll goes to my lower body :-(

  • The fastest way to loose weight is to jump into a huge meat grinder. Then you'll be in Mcdonald's , Burger King, Hardee's, Jimmy John's , Subway, etc. You will be loved all over.

  • That was so fucking funny. My mom was fat. She loved bringing us kids home fatty take out food. Made my sister really big also. My dad was a big man also. He died choking on a steak sub from the local pizza shop. Not me I'm normal body size and weight. I hate seeing my stupid fat sister. But hey I can still laugh at fat fucking idiots though.

  • Yuk! Thanks I'll not eat take out anymore.

  • Oh haha

  • Omg how dare you!

  • Aw fuck you , ya freak a zoid. Go flap your lose skin else where. Like New Zealand maybe.

  • How dare you! It's not my fault I'm left with sheets of flappy excess skin after my amazing weight loss journey

  • If you loss the weight there are surgeons that will remove the excess skin for free. They donate their time to help people like you. That is because of the amazing effort you put in to loss the weight. Liposuction only removes fat not excess skin.

  • I would do it for free. My chainsaw is just serviced ready to go. Let me know.

  • Oh how charming. That's not funny hun

  • That was funny as shit. I almost pissed my boxer shorts. It was damn funny. As funny as you look naked in a breeze .

  • Why does everyone take the piss of how my skin flaps about in the breeze when I'm naked???

  • I wasn't trying to be. Just helpful. I removed several toes with it last year.

  • Well that's not helpful

  • Omg I'd do anything to able to kiss goodbye to my flappy excess skin xx

  • Okay jump in a lagoon full of hungry sharks then. They will eat the excess flabby skin and you will be helping sea life while doing it.

  • How dare u it's not my fault I'm left wiv sheets of hanging excess skin all over me!

  • Drop another 300lbs, have Liposuction to get rid of that hanging skin, then get a boob job to firm up your saggy droopy things you have now.

  • Liposuction does nothing for excess skin. Liposuction only removes fat, moron and that will create more excess skin.

  • Oh how charming. I can't help having flappy skin

  • Plastic surgeons do this kind of work. Plus, don't make a habit of watching TV and eating. Of you can find a reasonable Hypnotherapist it is poss to change your habits and think better of yourself.your self

  • Omg how dare you! You don't know anything about my weight loss journey or how I really struggle with my weight and eating when watching t v is normal fyi iv done soo well and I'm soo proud of myself but it's not my fault I'm left wiv all this flappy skin! Xx

  • Who cares you dumb bitch
    How dare you.

  • Oh how charming

  • I love big women with extra skin. It just turns me on. I guess I'm different. I'm about 320 lbs myself and 5'9". My cock is 9 inches. I don't have much hair on my head but the rest of me is hairy. I'd love to meet you. People on here are really mean. Sorry for all the nasty comments you get.

  • Thank you soo much hun. I'm glad u love big girls wiv extra skin cos iv got sheets of excess Wobbly skin. I'd love to meet u and show it all off for you. Are you in England?? Xx

  • Unfortunately I live and work in D.C. people turn as I walk by everyday and it really hurts me. I hear their snickers . I don't wish to be thin though. I'm ok with my size.

  • I get that as well. You should see how many dirty looks I get when I wear a really short dress with bare legs

  • I would love to see your legs. I bet you are a truly beautiful woman.

  • Do u want my email so I can send you some pics showing off my wobbly legs then? Xx

  • If you don't mind sure I would really like that. Thank you.

  • It's saggysue@ yahoo.com but without the space

  • Great thank you so much. Would you like to see my big body? No one else does.

  • Email me babes n I'll show u just how much flappy skin my wobbly legs really have. U no u wanna hun

  • U gonna email ur pics so I can tell u how sexy u look n I'll send u pics of me showing off my wobbly legs? ;-)

  • Yeah ok babes email it to me ;-)

  • Fat freak!

  • Yep a fat freak. They are some real twisted bunch.

  • Fyi it's most just empty excess skin not fat now!

  • Words of hate spoken by someone who is obviously scared of others who are different. You need help. Hope you find peace in your life. I don't hate others no matter what their outward appearance looks like.

  • It's mostly not fat it's just saggy excess skin FYI !!

  • Hey we broke our movie screen for stag night porno films. We'd pay you good to show movies on your access skin. How's about $20 an hour and all the free pizza and beer or soda. Sorry no diet shit though. If your free on Friday nights.

  • Oh that's charming. So ur saying u wanna use my flappy hanging arm flab as a screen for ur projector to watch pornos on while I Stuff myself with fatty food??

  • Yeah that pretty much right. You could dance around naked for use a while. I don't mind a blow job from a big woman. My wife is 230 Lbs and I love fucking her fat ass. Not sure my cock is long enough to find your asshole or pussy.

  • Would you and ur friends really like to see me naked showing off all my flappy skin? Xx

  • Oooh I love the sound of that hunni ;-) u could get to my ass just not my pussy. Sorry hun, that's soo embarrassing :-(

  • Hey, congrats on the weight loss! That can't have been easy.

  • Thank you soo much hun xxx

  • Congrats your only about three normal sized women now. Great going keep it up Dumbo. Shake that excess skin to keep the flies off.

  • How dare you! You don't know anything about how hard my neighbors journey has been and iv still got a long way to go but I'm determined to do it even if people like want to insult me about how gross my flappy skin looks

  • My buddies and I could use your extra skin to show our porno movies on and then finish by jacking off all over your flabby excess. How much would you charge use for say a couple hours?

  • Wud u wanna jerk off over my excess skin?

  • Fuck no! That's disgusting. Want to eat out my dirty asshole?

  • Oh so u think I'm disgusting then, how charming. I can't help being left with soo much hanging excess skin and no I don't wanna eat out ur dirty asshole

  • Yes you are really making me want to vomit up my Taco Bell order right now! I bet if we put your picture on the fridge we would quit eating and loose weight also.

  • You could always join in the extreme sports. People have to pay a lot of money for a flying suit. Not you. Just get naked and jump off the cliff and glide back to earth using all that excess flappy skin to coast back to the ground. Hell you might not even need a parachute either. Just saying.

  • Charming. It's not my fault I'm left wiv all this flappy skin hun

  • Did someone hold you down and force the food down your throat? I don't think so. It is your fault you fucking stupid skin blowing in the breeze dumb ass fat bitch. Sorry for the names it tough love week. You are the reason you blew the fuck up like a hippo at the zoo. You lost some weight and when you get back to normal you will have many ops to remove the excess skin that will be hanging from every where. Keep the skin as a memento of who you use to be. A big huge fucking worthless fat fucker nobody wanted. Not that anyone will want you later mind you just saying. GeeZ your fucking fat. That's a joke. Don't cry or get made cause you've heard all this shit before now haven't you.

  • How dare you dropping all the way down from 700 lbs to 445 lbs is such an amazing achievement I deserve a medal. Yes I have flappy skin hanging off everywhere but not many women could lose an amazing 255 lbs! Iv gotta get down below 300 lbs before I can start a series of operations to remove my shriveled up excess skin and if I can't I'll be left with it forever. I'm really struggling now and my worst nightmare is it all filling back up again but even though my weight loss gets harder and I'm really struggling I'm determined to shift the rest of the flab. You should be praising me not calling me a hippo. I hate being called that!

  • Yes some men are very cool with it, just be prepared to be fetishized a bit.

  • How do u mean hun? Soo glad u recon some men wud like it ;-) xx

  • I used to be Overweight too, still am, but now looking after myself a lot better, but I managed to get well.

  • Im sure you look great.

  • Get real she is almost 450lbs with loose skin. How the fuck could that look great unless your are a fucking hippo or Rino or Elephant. Get real you blind motherfucker.

  • Erm excuse me im UNDER 450 lbs fyi and I can't help having loose skin. Maybe some men would like how wobbly it is anyway and iv still kinda got big boobs as well!

  • Oh thank you soo much. Do you kinda like the sound of my hanging Wobbly skin then?

  • He's fucking with you nobody likes that shit.

  • I do

  • Ooh I'd Iike to hear more about you

  • Well wot u wanna no hun? ;-)

  • How those titties look and feel.

  • Well?

  • Sorry 4 late reply hunni. Well they feel soo soft wobbly and very saggy. How gross does that sound? I don't mind how gross u say if ud still wanna play wiv em maybe. I'd beg u to if u wanted me to

  • Not gross at all. I would definitely play with them. Smother my face with those titties

  • Mmm nice. U like Wobbly saggy boobs then? Xx

  • Oh yes I do

  • Like the sound of anything else hanging off me then hun? ;-)

  • We could go on and on about this, but i hope you have a good day, and stay sexy.

  • Want my email so I can send u some pics of me showing it all off? ;-)

  • Dont see why not

  • That's all lower case

  • Saggysue@yahoo.com

  • Its amazing you were 700lbs.

  • Amazing that you didn't just bust a gut and flap run all over the place. Jesus Christ WTF!

  • Yes but it's soo unfair I'm left with all this flappy skin now iv dropped all the way down to 445 lbs. Sometimes I think I'd look better if I filled it all back up again :-(

  • You're probably more mobile now too so sexually that's awesome.

  • Yes I am much more mobile now but soo much more wobbly as well. All my cellulite ripples about wn I move

  • I'm sure you're sexy with the extra skin too.

  • Thank you soo much hun. I'm proud of my extra skin cos it shows off my astonishing weight loss and I'd really love someone I could show it all off to ;-)

  • Great job tbh. You should show yourself off! There's plenty who would find you attractive. Plan on losing more?

  • Yes hun I gotta get below 300 lbs before I can get excess skin removal surgery. I do love showing off all my flappy skin and I hate ha ring to wear floor length skirts all the time in public :-(

  • Also those skirts can be pretty hot too lol

  • Good luck. You can do it no problem.
    That's great you like to show off. really sexy.
    Ahh you wear those often huh? Well what kind of attire are you wanting to wear?

  • Oh wow really you think it's sexy I like to flaunt my gross hanging skin? ;-) I'd love to wear tiny short mini skirts with bare legs. Yeah I allways wear floor length skirts in public cos the inside of my left thigh spills over my knee and hangs down to my ankle and swings out wen I walk plus my thighs r covered in thick rippling cellulite

  • Eh it's just skin at the end of the day and you persevered through weight loss.
    Well try to make it to where you can wear those mini skirts, thinkin about you in one now lol

  • So u like the sound of me in a miniskirt with bare legs showing off my big wobbly thighs then? ;-)

  • Definitely! Would be amazing to watch you from behind as you walk in a short skirt with you big legs wobbling with your ass.

  • Oooh I'd love that soo much. I'd bend over for u so u see me bent over from behind with my feet wide soo u see just how big my legs really r and give em a jiggle 4 u ;-) I'm sure u cud have some fun wiv my saggy leg folds hun

  • Could have so much fun with em.
    With a pear shaped body I imagine your ass is nice and big huh?

  • Oh yes hunni and iv got such wide hips ;-) I still need to turn sideways to go through door ways. If u love a pear shape saggy lard ass ud love me to give u a private wobbly strip tease. Flappy flappy ;-)

  • Blow u a kiss I meant lol x

  • Got me daydreamin now haha.
    Private strip tease sounds perfect. Tell me how you'll do it

  • Well hun 1st I'd take my top off and give u a twirl so u can see how my excess skin spills over my bra then I'd put my hands behind my head so u see how my flappy arms hang down half way to my waist n make em flap about while I wink at u and blow u a smile. Sound good so far? Xx

  • Oooh, seeing you with your top off and grabbing your own breasts and winking would be amazing.
    sounds great so far. will you wear a mini skirt for me too?

  • Of course I'd b wearing a miniskirt wiv a split up 1 side ;-). Then I take my bra off n band forward and show u just how wobbly n saggy my boos r then I scoop them up n play wiv em 4 u. The I move onto my lower body ;-) I'd really love showing it all off. Ud really see how much weight iv lost wen u see how wobbly n droopy my skin is now babes xx

  • Yeah I'd want to see it all. would love to watch you play with your thighs and jiggle them in front of me.

  • Oh baby I'd love that soo much. I'd pick up n grab n wobble all my gross saggy thighs so u see all my cellulite ripple then I'd ask u honestly just how gross my huge saggy thighs r before I beg u to feel them ;-) xxx

  • Oooh, hot. youd let me feel them too? plenty for me to grab and put my face into :)

  • I meant blow u a kiss lol x

  • Oh yes hunni I'd beg u to grab my saggy thigh folds and play wiv them while u tell me how gross they r ;-)

  • Kinky. after I get done telling you that Id want to have you bent over to spank that big ass and watch it ripple while you talk dirty.

  • Oooh yes hun I'd love that. Wot wud u say about my huge saggy lard ass as you spank it and watch it wobble? Xx

  • Hey, email me at naupo@sharklasers.com so we can chat more

  • Your juicy ass and legs need to be spanked and showed off in your little skirt. could show off your ass in the window so everyone can see how fat it is. ill make out with you while shaking your ass for all to see

  • Wud it turn u on seeing how grossed out everyone gets wen they see my huge legs? Xx

  • It would! turns me on thinking about it. but some people will definitely want your body girl. We can let people get slap your ass to feel the jiggle too :)
    Does it get you hot talking about it?

  • Oh yes hun it turns me on loads knowing it wud turn u on how grossed out everyone gets wen they see all my gross hanging flab wen I flaunt it like I love myself. My worst nightmare is all my saggy skin filling back up again but I really struggle to keep the weight off. Iv got soo much skin cos I was 700 lbs b4 xxxx

  • Yep and you can spread across the bed in your sexy little skirt. well find someone who likes that excess and then it could only get better lol.
    how do you like to pleasure yourself rn at 500?

  • Wen I lay down all my saggy excess skin spills out everywhere. I look like a giant pancake ;-) oh and fyi I'm not 500 lbs I'm only 455 lbs now. It's tricky to pleasure myself with all my extra skin :-( x

  • I’d pleasure you so you wouldn’t have to!

  • Heyy, gotta love pancakes! sorry I meant 400, even better.
    oh I see. that's OK, how about someone does it for you? :)

  • Did u get my email? I'll send u some naked pics of me showing off all my flappy excess skin 4 u if y lyk; -) x

  • I have pics of my asshole after I was fucked by a really big cock would you like to see those?

  • Definitely send em over!

  • Emailed you some more pics hun. Email me ;-) xxx

  • Sent you one. Hope u like it ;-) xx

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