Wife’s transformation

My wife is 47. We have two kids that are grown and out of the house. She’s 5’6” and about 225 lbs. Well, she used to be. She’s always had a fantastic ass. Thick thighs. Huge tits. Dunlap belly. She couldn’t see her pussy in the mirror.

About a year ago she decided she was tired of being fat and she wanted to lose weight. I told her she was sexy just the way she is. She told me that she is happy I’m attracted to her but she wants other ppl to oogle her and she wants to find herself attractive. So I supported her decision.

She was going to the gym 3 times a week for about 3 weeks. She had lost about 20 lbs. Then one Friday she texted me and said that she had met a trainer that was going to help get her in shape. She said that she would be at the gym every day and would have to change the way she ate.

So this went on for about a month and a half. She was at the gym every day for about 2 hours. She told me her trainer was a woman and it helped because she was more comfortable with her. She also told me that the two of them used the private changing room. Just the two of them. I said, “So she sees you naked?” She said, “Of course she does. That’s the point. She wants to see the progress.”

So Sarah and her trainer Megan, had grown extremely close. They would have meals together and shop together and go on “girl dates” together. It didn’t matter to me because I work 9-6 and she was always home for dinner. Megan developed a meal plan that I found to be quite tasty and not leaving me wanting junk food.

So now we are at about 6 months into Sarah’s new lifestyle. She was down 60 lbs. She looked fantastic. She still had a bit of a belly. Her tits were smaller but still superb. She said she still wanted to lose another 20 lbs.

So it was a Saturday. And it was 6 pm and Sarah wasn’t home. I texted her with no response. Then it was 10 pm. Still not home. Text her. No response. I fall asleep. Wake up at 6 am. She still isn’t home. I text her that I’m worried and just want to know she’s ok.

She calls. I ask where she’s been. She said, “I’m so sorry about the phone. I left it in the gym locker by accident and just got back over there to get it.” I said, “Who is the guy?” She said, “What guy?” I said, “The guy you slept with.” She said, “I promise you there is no guy.” I said, “You don’t come home. You don’t answer your phone. You say there is no guy but it’s the only thing that logically explains it.” She said, “I was with Megan. My phone really was at the gym.” I said, “Why were you at Megan’s all night? Were you drunk?” She said, “Not drunk. Can’t do alcohol. Empty calories.” I said, “Then why not come home?” She said, “Megan and I had sex.” I said, “You and Megan? Oh wow. She’s hot. Really? What brought that on?” She said, “You aren’t mad that I cheated on you?” I said, “I told you a long time ago that if you ever had sex with a woman, I’d be ok with it.” She said, “Yeah. That’s why I’m telling you that this wasn’t the first time.” I said, “How long?” She said, “3 months and 6 days.” I said, “You two have sex a lot?” She said, “Almost every day. It’s kind of in our ritual. Work out, dinner, sex. Sex is kind of my reward for pushing myself.” I said, “So are you a lesbian now?” She said, “I don’t know. I know I still like having sex with you. I still love you. I don’t want a divorce or anything. But I do love Megan. I’d like to keep having sex with her.” I said, “You love her or you are in love with her.” She said, “I’m in love with her. I guess I’m bisexual.”

13 days ago

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    • Enjoy it . Make sure you let your husband in

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