I secretly fattening my boyfriend and hope he gets fat

I have known that I have a feederism fetish since I was 13 years old. I have accepted it; I cannot help it, I have tried. I have got myself. My current bf, who is my childhood love and I think my future husband is my everything. When we met at age 12, he was an athletic slim guy with the most beautiful face I have ever seen. (still valid.) he had put on a lot of muscles since we have not seen each other and he confessed to me that he had gained a lot of weight during previous relationships ( gained around 50 lbs and never lost it) and started to getting fat before he had some kind of problems with his stomach and could not eat, and shredded back to his Original weight, Around 160 lbs. So he was around that when we started dating, but I could not help myself thinking about him getting fat since I have seen his ‘fat-clothes’ everywhere and how chubby he was. I decided to help him and cooked delicious meals for him every day ( he loves junk food, thank God ) and ordered everything he wanted right away. He has now gained around 17 lbs and it's starting to show. I love his jiggly belly and how it feels during sex, I love grabbing his fat and soft chest and softening arms ( he still exercises to he has muscles which make him even larger) and I cannot stop thinking about him being fat... I have told him I love big bellies and he teases me with grabbing his gut or poking it out ( yes he is charming) but he does not like himself fat... Well, we will see :) I want to make him so chubby his family would bring It up, and shame him for it, and he would feel embarrassed. I want to make him so fat he would be out of breath and sweating just from a little exercise, and he would say how much he hates exercising and would give it all up. I want him so damn heavy my family would talk about it behind his back. I want him to be obese so much I love the way his belly feels I want to squeeze it and tell him how much he has gained and he should be embarrassed by himself and how the ex-jock T.B. is now a big butterball with a flabby stomach... I love him more than everything I hope he keeps on gaining. Wish me luck!


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  • How much does he weigh now? How old are the two of you?

  • This isn’t love

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