Dirt laying on the sofa

My husband and I have been married for almost 26 years. He has gotten bigger and bigger to the point he no longer works. He is now 375 lbs and growing. At this rate he will be close to 400 this spring or summer. All he does is lay on the sofa feeling sorry for himself eating and watching television. He eats a family sized bucket of KFC with all the trimmings and a 2 liter of Pepsi three times a day. His favorite is original recipe. When the local sub / pizza shop has their special of two large cheese pizzas for $4.99 he gets 4 large pizzas and two 2 liters of Coke. He only moves from the sofa to his lazy boy recliner to sleep at night. For breakfast I go to a local donut shop and get him one dozen and more soda. My life sucks totally. He only bathes once a week. Sometimes not even that much. OMG! He stinks to high heaven. Sometimes I have to lift the folds of fat on his body and dry the areas off then apply a good amount of Lotrimin to deal with the slimy fungus that grows from his flab rubbing together. Including the areas of his legs meet his torso and his ass cheeks. I use a roll of bounty paper towels wiping away the slimy shit. It stinks so badly. I asked him if he wanted to try seeing a Dr about getting his stomach stapled shut but he won't hear of it. One time he told me to go get my pussy stapled shut. I told him might as well cause we aren't ever going to have sex again. Speaking of which his penis has retracted back inside of his body he is so fat. His mother was the same way. She died several years ago and since then he has gotten bigger. He was about 240 lbs then and a pretty sexy man. But he has just totally stopped caring about anything but eating , watching television , and sleeping. I can't go on much longer watching him do this to himself. On several occasions I've had to call the fire department to help me get him out of the recliner or sofa and once he got stuck on the commode. He's broken at least two of them. One at the local KFC . He doesn't work but is now on disability and gets a SSI check otherwise we would be homeless. I work during the day as a secretary to a local painting firm. We have gone through three sofas in the past two years. They just don't make good furniture anymore I guess. I am really at my wits end with this man I refer to as ," Dirt laying on the sofa." My life couldn't be any worse. I can't have friends over cause he just lays around in his huge underwear with all his folds of flab hanging out. That and the smell is pretty bad. I usually stay alone in the master bedroom or sometimes I go outside and enjoy the weather when it's nice. He is one miserable SOB. FAT SOB that is.


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  • Make the fat fuck salad and water and he will lose weight or make him cuck as you get pleasure

  • You both need counseling. He needs to deal with his mother dying and you need to deal with your anger issues

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  • Sounds to me like you are the source of all of his problems. You have worn him down into nothing and he probably wants to die from spending his life with you. You should work on restoring his confidence, by giving him daily blowjobs, telling him that you value him, letting him fuck some hookers, and reminding him that he is "The Man!" You are so negative towards him that he is a shell of his former self. Nice job taking a good man down, bitch.

  • How about me? You should come over and fuck me while he watches us. He is a fucking bum. He don't deserve any head. Maybe I will give you a BJ. Are you a good man? I could use one right now.

  • Just leave the looser

  • She is the biggest loser. Why do you think they are together. Get real man. These people attract each other.

  • So how are you loving in this situation?

  • I ain't lovin this loser no more. Fuck him. No pussy for him the fat bastard.

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