You never know what to expect

I was asked to go and represent the firm at a three day conference out of town, so I did. Arriving I find after driving for six hours to the venue, that the conference had been cancelled at the last moment and rescheduled for the following month. It was a long and frustrating drive home, and I'd been unable to reach Jason on the phone to let him know that I was returning, so I wasn't all that surprised when I drove into the garage to find the house seemingly deserted.

I walked in and dropped my case by the kitchen door and walked across to make some coffee, when I heard a strange moaning sound from the other end of the house. Curious rather than scared, I wandered down the corridor, the thick carpet completely muffling my steps, and I realized the sound was coming from the partially open door of Jason's room. Thinking that he may have fallen asleep and forgotten to turn off his TV. I was about to push his door open completely, when I stopped dead in shock. Standing where I was, I could see clearly into the room and into the mirror on the wall, and neatly framed in that mirror was one decidedly naked son, kneeling on his bed behind an equally naked female, sliding his cock rapidly in and out of her.

The girl was half turned away, so I had no idea who it was. I only knew that I shouldn't be there seeing this, and my shocked mind immediately ordered my feet to carry me as far away as possible as quietly as possible so they wouldn't know. My feet refused to move, and worse still, my eyes refused to move too! I found myself staring fixedly at the mirror and the action it revealed. I realized that she had quite a stunning body, trim and taut, with magnificent firm breasts that Jason would lean forward and cup and fondle every now and again, before straightening and taking hold of her hips and powering his cock into her.

Then I had a huge shock. The female finally twisted around slightly and flung her head in the air, causing her hair to fly clear of her face. Although her eyes were closed and there was a wild, abandoned, expression on her face, giving encouragement, urging Jason to "Fuck me hard and deep." "Make me cum Jason." Then, "Oh yes, fill me up with your cum." There was now no doubt who she was. She was my next door neighbor Anne, my happily married next door neighbor Anne, my deeply religious happily married next door neighbor Anne, and I couldn't believe it! She was bucking and heaving and shuddering and shaking and calling out louder and louder, urging Jason on, and it was clear she was close to cumming, and loving every minute of it!

I had to do something so they would know that I was home. I quickly went to my bedroom, took off my clothes and dashed into the shower; I knew it would make a noticeable noise. Afterwards I tied a towel around me, but this time I slowly walked back into my bedroom and slumped onto the bed, burying my face in the pillow, trying to forget what I had just seen. I think I almost fell asleep, but at the last moment I sensed movement and half turned over to look at the door. Jason was standing there looking at me, an uncertain look on his face. He swallowed hard before saying, "Anne's gone." His face was flushed as he added, "I thought you'd be away until Monday or I wouldn't have done her, um, uh, I mean this."

3 months ago

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      Something she loves doing and perseveres her cherry. We're blasting Gimmie Shelter. I see a picture of her Mom on the wall down the hall, I look away. Gazing back the picture seems to move. This blowjob has me hallucinating. I cum so hard I'm twitching like a bug on a windshield. The picture now has Mom holding her mouth, like what WTF just happen. She came home early and watched from Joanie licking balls on. "Get dressed you two" -- She does the mom thing and lectures. We assure her she's still a virgin. She's happy with that. They're religious "don't tell the priest blowjob, just say sex." Later she tells Joanie that penis of his is huge. We're both 18 and the only hard penises we see is in porn, and they're about the same size. We split, some other guy pops her cherry. We have a reunion fling 5 years later and she says I got even bigger. I finally fuck and we're Fuck buddies for a year. Then she gets married.
      Be nice to exes.

    • More fake shit written by a male kid who watched to much porn!
      You fucking kids come here to write fake bull shit and see who can out do each other! Grow up and get some experience and come back and tell a real story!

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