Best gym partner ever

I have a private gym at home and have worked out ever since my teen years. I guess I kind of got obsessed with buying gym equipment because I own just about everything you would find in a normal gym and 2 of some things.
I got myself a personal trainer a few years back and being single I opted for a female trainer. Honestly I wanted some eye candy while working out but also someone who knew what they were talking about. I had a few different trainers come round, all very impressed with my gym but the first 3 just didn't feel right. The 4th one was great but 3 months in told me she was moving away but had lined me up another trainer. I decided I would give her a go at least.

She turned up at my door looking like something out of an 80's aerobics video in her leotard and leggings with her blond hair all pulled back from her face by a hair band. I was instantly in love. She reminded me of Farah Faucet but in skin tight gym wear.
She was tough too and would push me hard. I had a great view and she was challenging my workouts which I really enjoyed.
A few weeks in she starts spanking my ass when she wants me to work harder and I start really enjoying it. She realises this and spanks me more often and grins at me with a wicked grin.
One day after a workout she offers me a massage and rub down and I happily accepted. She has magic hands and relaxes my body but was also turning me on quite a bit.
She starts to get friendlier as the sessions go on and I start getting flirtier and more suggestive with every session.

One day she has me on my knees rolling the weights on the floor back and forth for my abs and she leans down and handcuffs me to the bar. I was a bit shocked but excited but seriously thought then that she was about to rob me. She knelt on the floor behind me and pulled down my pants and starts rubbing my ass with one hand and my cock with the other. I'm in heaven thinking I am about to have sex with the hottest babe I ever met. Then I feel a cold slime all over my asshole and realise she is lubing me up. She leans down and presses her naked body against mine and I feel her tits on my back. She grabs my chin and pulls my head back and starts licking out my right ear as I feel something start pushing against my well lubed hole. I suddenly realise the mound in the front of her leotard I had been staring at all this time was probably the result of a tucked cock and balls and not what I had imagined it was.
She pressed her cock into me and I yelled through gritted teeth at the pain. But I also suddenly wanted it so badly. She rubbed my nipples with her fingers and kissed my ear as she cooed "Good boy" into my ear. I held tightly and tried not to buckle as she slipped her entire cock all the way inside my ass. Once she was all the way in she spoke softly into my ear as she locked her arms around my chest and neck "Give me another 20 roll ups" I slowly rolled the dumbbell forward on the ground till I was nose to the floor mat. Then slowly pulled it back toward me till I was back on my knees. All the while with her on my back and her cock firmly up my ass. She stroked my chest and cooed again with a smile "That's my good boy. Just 19 more" I continued to roll forward and pull back every time very aware of the large thick and hard cock up my ass. But it started to feel really good after about No. 7.. at the count of 13 she started moaning slightly and wriggling her hips making small movements sliding her cock in and out just a little. I started to sweat and I suddenly realised I had lost count around 17. I'm sure I counted 17 three times. She laughed and started sliding her whole cock in and out of me slowly about 4 times to every roll forward and times on the way back.
As I went forward for the count of 20 she pulled all the way out and remained knelt behind me. As I came all the way back she kept the head of her cock at the entrance of my now well worked hole just pressing against it. She said nothing and I slowly slid myself back further impaling myself once again on her huge cock.
She laughed at me as she wrapped her arms around me and started slowly pumping in and out of my ass again. She turned my head and kissed me and called me a good boy again. She kissed my ears and asked me if I ever had a cock before. I shook my head and moaned because it was feeling so good. She laughed at me again and kept sliding in and out with her full length. She told me she was going to cum inside me and I whimpered. I felt her hesitation after my whimper and found myself saying don't stop.
She rubbed and pinched my nipples as she rode my ass and turned my head every now and then to kiss me deeply on the lips.
She started to moan and grunt and locked on to me tightly, she was very strong. She turned my head and told me to open my eyes. She kissed me very passionately and stared into my eyes as she started to fill my ass up. The feeling was like nothing I ever experienced before and I moaned and whimpered as she laughed and kissed me staring into my eyes and I suddenly came really hard as well. She laughed at me and pulled my dick as I came still emptying her own load into my ass. She then cuddled into my back again and put her fingers with my cum on it in my mouth and made me suck her fingers.
She slowly pulled out of my ass and then came round to undo the handcuffs.
I suddenly felt ashamed and the remorse set in quickly. We both had separate showers and she left. I didn't know exactly what I felt but 4 days later I found myself giving her a call. I told her I wanted to do an extra session if she was free.
Well the extra session turned into dinner, a couple of drinks and more sex back at my place with me exploring her whole body and voluntarily sucking her cock and swallowing her first load. Which almost choked me.

This went on for 2 year 8 months and we were basically dating. Or at least I thought we were dating. 6 months ago she tells me she has a boyfriend and can't really see me anymore. I got all confused and told her I loved her but she still left and I have had no contact since.
I tried some other trans women but they are
A) Not that easy to find
B) Not really interested in being on top like she was
C) Too rough and dominant like a man if they are the kind that wants to be on top.

I dated a couple of girls as well but all I want is her back again. I really should have told her I loved her so much earlier

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