Mad mom

My mom and me were sitting on the couch the other night, watching a movie on the TV. Dad and my sister's had already gone to bed, and my mom was wearing a bathrobe, with nothing on underneath, as she had just gotten out of the shower. She dozed off next to me, and I could see the biggest part of one of her boobs showing, so I carefully opened her robe up a little bit so I could see more. I got her entire left tits out where I could see all of it and my cock got rock hard under my shorts, so I pulled it out and started stroking it. I knelt down and took mom's pink nipple into my mouth and started sucking on it while I beat off. Mom suddenly woke up and yelled and slapped me hard across the face then jumped up and covered herself up and told me to go to my room before she tells dad what I did. Not the happy ending I was hoping for.

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  • My mom took sleeping pills all the time and would just be out of it completely. She would take a few and tell me good night before going to sleep because she knew she would just fall off to sleep for the night watching TV.
    I started touching her about an hour after she fell asleep one time and she did not even budge, matter of fact I had to keep from laughing because her mouth had fallen open and was sort of off to one side. I got really ballsy and ran my fingers right across her breast and felt her nipple, nothing, not even a change in breathing. After that it was game on after she fell asleep for about an hour, nipples, pussy if she was wearing a night shirt and then one night while full of hormones and had a raging hard on I rubbed it across her lips. I almost came just feeling her lips on the head of my cock as I slowly moved it in and out a little bit. I pulled myself away and went to my room and beat off in like ten seconds.
    I always thought she had no clue about it at all then one night I guess she was not feeling well because I started playing with her nipples and she never opened her eyes up but she just said my name and told me not tonight I am not feeling that good. I had tingles just fill my body as I watched her roll over on her bed then I heard her say I should be feeling better tomorrow honey. I walked back to my room filled with fear that when she was awake tomorrow I would be in deep shit. I guess it was about three nights later she told me goodnight shorty after taking her pills and went to bed, I was walking to my room later on and her door was wide open, so I looked into her room. She had left her side bed light on and had the covers pulled back just below her waist. She was naked and laying on her side facing the door, I took this as a sign that she did not mind me playing with her so I got up my nerve and started caressing her nipples and she did nothing to stop me.

  • You should clarify whether she is consensual or not to sex?

  • You got some balls i'll give you that !

  • I feel guilty for all the times I played with my submissive mother in my teens. She would do anything I asked her and never once told me no but she was a serious drinker so most of the time she was just in a haze.

  • Wow I would love to hear the story with you and your mom all she was pleased please tell me more

  • My mom fell asleep like that, except I went straight for her pussy once I got the robe open. I was 16 she was 35 but looks only 26 and very sexy.

    When she woke up, she started hitting me but I held on and ate her harder and faster. Then suddenly she grabbed my head and moved my head as a licked her. 5 minutes later she came so hard she passed out for a few seconds.

    She looked at me when she came to and screamed, Your a sick bastard, that was incest. I'm your mother! Then she ran to her room. Dad came home, and then came to my room. Your mother tied you have to make your own dinner, I'm going back to work and work the night shift.

    At midnight my bedroom door opened mom was in her robe, it was open. She got on the bed, and straddled my face I ate her pussy until she came.

    I was rock hard she pulled my sleep pants down and climbed on top and rode me until she came again. I said Mom I going to cum, she kept move her hips and I came.
    My cock was still hard inside her. Mom started crying, You bastard, why did you have start this. I been fighting this need since you were 13. Now I can't stop. I never came so hard with anyone as you made me cum. Your my Son! This is so wrong. Then she started moving her hips again and soon we were fucking again.Twenty minutes later I came in my mother again.

    3 years have passed and we are still at it. She comes to me most nights and on my 17th birthday told me she was pregnant.

    We have a daughter. I'm sure dad knows but be doesn't seem to care. I know he has a girlfriend since I was 12, so maybe it fine with mom and I being together.

    Mom and I are in love.

  • Wow that’s hooooot tell me more

  • It takes time and effort to seduce a family member! You never touch someone without their consent. You have just made it more difficult to get your mum to have sex with you.

  • Yeah, that's damned for sure. Ever since that night when she slapped the shit out of me, things haven't been the same between us. She steers way clear of me any time the two of us are alone together, and she also keeps fully clothed around the house. I really think she's afraid of me now. I feel like I should say something and apologize, but she hasn't said anything to me and I'm afraid to bring it up, too embarrassed. I wish I had never touched mom like that.

  • I was fixated with my mom's feet and she would let me touch and tickle them a little bit, she would finally tell me after quite some time she was done with it. When I was around thirteen she fell asleep on the couch and her feet were crossed, they were just to irresistible so I started lightly caressing them. She opened her eyes and looked down at me and told me it was time to stop now. A few days later I asked her if I could caress her feet again and she let me do it but only for like ten minutes then she went to bed. I guess is was like fifteen minutes later I heard her call me so I got up and went to her door, she told me to come in and when I saw her she was all covered up but had her feet hanging out over the end of her bed. She did not say anything else as I took the cue and kneeled down and began caressing them again, she told me to lick and suck on her toes and I started doing it. I got hard as a rock in minutes and after quite some time she told me okay, that is good, go to bed now.
    She did this several times over the years until I was around sixteen probably and she never let me do it again.

  • Another freaky foot fetish nut. Anyone who wouldn't rather see a good pair of tits, or ass, and prefers feet, probably doesn't get any pussy.

  • You went too far too soon. You should have just taken a good look and jerked off in your room. I doubt you'll ever get another glimpse after this.

  • Hear that, wish I'd never done that.

  • My cousin had to move in with us because her parents went to prison. She was 16 and I was 15. We used to sit on the couch watching TV until late. My parents didn't care how late we stayed up on the weekends. We were sitting there one night watching SNL when I noticed she was falling asleep. She had on a long night shirt, something she always wore and it was riding up. I slowly pulled back the blanket she was using hoping to get a glimpse of her panties. Only when I pulled the blanket back far enough, I saw she wasn't wearing any panties. I wanted so bad to touch her but she moved to her side and covered back up. I lifted the blanket from her back side and saw her pussy from behind. I took my dick out and started stroking it. I really wanted to fuck her, but she covered herself again as she rolled over again. I put my dick away and went to bed. The next day she asked me if I enjoyed looking at her and stroking myself. I was so embarrassed

  • I'd have said hell yes! If I would have known you were awake I'd have fucked that pussy of yours.

  • What the hell did you think was going to happen? Not everyone is as perverted as you.

  • It was just the shock, I believe I can smooth this up for you?

  • Let her think on it for a time.

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