Tried to stop the wife swop

We were with two friends , husband and wife.
We had all drunk too much , when I jokingly suggested a wife swop.
The husband was all for it and kept pushing the idea. After more drinks and more pressure, my wife finally agreed, although his wife did not seem too keen.
Then suddenly her husband grabbed hold of my wife’s hand and took her upstairs.
I then kissed his wife, and Tried to touch her breasts but she said no!
It had only been about three minutes or so I said I would go and tell my wife and her husband that the swop was off.
But when I opened our bedroom door I could not believe what I was seeing!
My wife was on the bed, she still had her top on, but was naked from the waist down with her legs open!
There was a ripped condom pack on the floor he was between her legs, jeans and underpants around his ankles and his naked bottom was pumping up and as he fucked my wife!
Stop I said pathetically we are not swapping now.
He said panting, you might not be but I am now fuck off !
I Looked at my wife but she just turned away from me!
I left, it was an awkward wait downstairs until they had finished about 5- 10 minutes later.
When they came down nothing was said and they left.
We never spoke to them again.
I said to my wife that I was disappointed that she had let him start to fuck her so soon, but she said I was pathetic because I didn’t pull him off her!
She even admitted that she climaxed a little with him!
I still wonder why she let him up her so quickly.

2 months ago

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    • Should have had grabbed her,picked her up, shoved your little dick in her asshole,laid back and let him finish

    • Yes his cock was much bigger than mine

    • You got fucked. His woman rejected you and your wife got railed and you got told to fuck off. youre a pussy. no wonder his woman didn't want anything to do with you

    • He is still fucking her

    • He fucked her so hard tonight

    • He has arrived and is our bedroom with my wife now

    • Don't know why you tried to stop him from fucking her. It's not her fault that you couldn't hook up with the guys wife. Let her have a good time. My wife has fucked a lot of guys in are bed.i never once tried to stop it. It's just sex if she's happy so will you be after.

    • But I didn’t have the guts to stop him

    • So great you did not have the gut's and you buddy new it. Told you to fuck off and you did. How did it feel seeing him in her and walking away ? Sure you could hear it also. You know you want him to do it again . Better if he did not use a condom and you ate her out after . You want this right ?

    • Yes I do

    • Man you should contact your friend and chat over a drink about it . Let him know he made your wife climax. Might end up having him over to watch next time. Sure he and your wife would enjoy it and have more time to play. You were open to it the first time. She let him in quick because she liked him and found him attactive .

    • I am sure if I did he would be up her in less time than last time!
      Haven’t spoken to her about it since!

    • You should, be a interesting conversation. Put a grin on his face. Would bet he has already hit it since that last time.

    • Do you think I should let him fuck her again?

    • Sure, Be interesting to chat, surprise you wife having him over . Be a good friend, You might find out he has been seeing her. Sounds like you know she would do it.

    • She would definitely open her legs for him again

    • Maybe he could bring a buddy or 2 along , Hurt that he is better fucking her then you. Kind of great you did not get to fuck his wife.

    • Worried that my wife would probably let both him and his buddy to get between her legs

    • Worried ?? That answered all questions except why have you not called him up ? He would take control and probley humialate you some , take you wife out on a date and meet his freinds. You waiting at home until he delivers her.
      Dude tell us how it felt seeing it and waiting down stairs ???

    • Waiting downstairs I found myself going hard hearing him pumping away at my wife upstairs.
      I got so turned on thinking of him between her legs if honest!

    • Good boy !! , Now stop making you wife feel guilty and admit it to her that you got excited and turned on it. Give her the guys cell number and tell her it's ok to call him up or any other guy. You don't have the balls to do it youself. Soon you will be smell the nice armoa of sex on her. Make sure you tell your wife the you will not play unless she asks you too. You will make her so happy !!!

    • She has just phoned him, he is calling round later

    • Don’t know if I want to let him do it to her again, but she really seems happy and excited for some reason!
      When I mentioned about me joining in she sa no you can wait downstairs.

    • Ya, she is excited he is calling her back !! Don't know ?? Not you're choice if they hook up or how many times they do . Nice you wife is letting you stay downstairs and listen to a pro take care of her. Count how many times she orgams the stud can give her. No conditions before hand, She can do what she wants. Since you are waiting you might get a slap on the back and a grin from your old buddy as he leaves.

    • No buddy of mine anymore

    • How many times did he come by and see your wife. ? How many other guys have your wife done since this ?

    • She has been fucked by a few since him

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