She Sucked Me Off In A Paris Corridor

My wife has always been flirty from when I first met her, giving in my opinion guys the eye ( she said she wasn’t when I saw her looking at them) but has always said that she has been faithful to me.
She was fucked an awful lot before me , a threesome with a couple of teenagers…. And more.
Plus (when again when we were both drunk)
she agreed to a wife swop, but it didn’t happen for some reason.
I know her past its really none of my business… but when I asked her about it she openly told me.
Except over the years when I said..when you slept with so and so… after she had said that he had ducked her…she said no I didn’t… or when I mentioned another guy ( who she originally had said nothing happened) she would say “ we only fucked once”!
So she keeps telling me different things about her past.
Once on my company convention in a Paris hotel… we were all very drunk… and she kept flirting with this guy.
On the way back to our room… I said would you let him fuck you if you weren’t married to me… she said yes!
I went so hard… that I pulled my cock out in the hotel corridor.
She dropped down and started sucking my cock!
Anyone could have walked down it, but we were so drunk we didn’t care.
Back in our room I fucked the arse off her thinking of her doing it with the guy the bar.
She has had a few of her company meetings overnight, without me, once she said that a female colleague had hit on her all night, I asked if she slept with her and she said no!
Trouble is I am worried what she got up to on the other nights away Because I witnessed her behaviour when really drunk in Paris, which did surprise me if honest.
Because she always had an hangover when she returned home from her meetings.
Do you think she allowed someone to fuck her on one of these occasions ?

1 month ago

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    • In Paris your wife is property of Algeria

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