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I always fantasized about black cock - try sex with it. This soft spoken black man aged 40 or so (about my age), I met him recently couple of times while shopping in my neighborhood shop. For the last one month we walked back to our home together while returning from shopping or my brief morning walk. I could not but notice his sturdy-muscled body and often his bulge while resting on a road-side bench. Yes, we both live alone and must have been out of satisfying sex for more than a year now!! He invited me for coffee on last Saturday morning. I agreed and went with him in his house - hardly half a mile from my my home.
I helped him making coffee and one thing led to other -- To make the details shorter, soon we ended up feeling our bodies on the sofa. He took off his shirt and boxer while I was in my bra and thong. Soon I allowed him to unhook my bra, as expected. I was totally wet down there - he kissed me all over my body to my navel and slowly lowered down my thong. I kept my eyes closed and enjoyed his whims!! Then ...

I felt him tap his dick on my inner thighs before rubbing it against my juicy wet vagina, first, up and down along the slit and then constantly on the clitoris, starting off slow and then increasing the pace. mixed with his precum and my pussy juices made the action exquisitely hot. There was no word to describe that intense beautiful feeling. Evidently, it was like he wanted to open me up completely to make me ready for what he was about to do to me. He turned me to the side into a spooning position, but his hard throbbing thick cock - 8" was in between my legs. He brushed his warm hard cock in between my legs and by then I was so wet and damn it felt good. Meanwhile, his hands were holding my breasts tight as he thrust back and forth. If you have never had a man rub his cock between your thighs, try it – see sex is not about going straight into the vagina. He then gently raised my leg, slowly inserted his throbbing hard cock into my inviting pussy from behind and held my waist as support while he thrust in at first slowly and picked up the rhythm. He moaned, hissed as he fucked my brains out. Little did I know this was just the beginning. They say that many men do not last in the first round. Have any of you met a black thick and ample cock? Really, you’re fucking a wrong man, may be.
The next 15 0r 20 minutes were everything, I never knew I desired sexually being fucked deep, with the right rhythm and styles and having my clitoris stimulated by those manly hands all at once.This black stud was humping like a panda!!! Now ...
He was, on top of me, sweating, fucking me like he was after an award for it. I didn’t even want to look at him or strokes but hairs on his chest with shining little nips. I started to to caress and stroke them. For some reasons I didn’t want to kiss him. I just wanted him to fuck me. I grabbed on to the sheets as every thrust became more powerful, deeper and sweeter. I screamed as I gave him words of encouragement “Fuck me hard, oh yesss, oh fuck. Oh shit. Oh yesss.” I probably even told him I loved him. It was that intense, OMG. He breathed heavy and whimpering and let out a manly “Oh yesss, fuuuuck” as he dumped his load deep into me and slumped on my body. I felt his cum was warm inside me, and quite a thick load I must say. He slowly withdrew himself drawing out his cock from my slippery cunt...
He smiled as he ran his hands over my boobs and thighs. He took a hand-towel and wiped off the cum and I excused myself to use the toilet. OMG, my vagina was satisfied after a long time. I had a great sex to last me for the next couple of months.
I must say that black men have the best cocks. If in doubt, bring one to your bed, fuck it, what do you have to lose? Let him fuck you good. But do remember to take your emergency pill though, you definitely don’t want a nigger fathering your child. Would I do it again? Oh! hell yeah. The only thing I would always do is to have protected sex because it is better safe than sorry.

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    • (re: above post) Last Friday we have fucked almost whole day. My pussy is ravished, plowed so well to add sweet pain to my cunt till now. My pussy lips are still swollen and throbbing as I walk ...
      In our last session, he laid me on my back with my thighs widespread - he held my thighs around with his arms so that he can reach my boobs to massage. I held his muscular arms with my hands. I was almost immobilized - I could feel his hard fat cock entering my wet cunt. I clenched it as tight as possible by my pussy muscles. He stopped there for sometime, then started slow in and out fucking but soon gathered speed... OMG! he kept on ramming my cunt deep, every time hitting the end of my cunt, and the base of his cock smashing the clit and pussy lips hard. This went on for about half an hour and we came almost simultaneously. We lay there for some time as I felt drowsy. Yes, I must say - black cock rules over my pussy!!

    • Ah, your husband is a pussy himself, I'm white, 8"cock, can go for hours, I make sure that your going to be satisfied, I will be, that way you'll always want and remember me, carlile simone wrote a song about me. Nobody does it better

    • Now you got HIV

    • Send me a picture of your sexy body. Jerrybob1221@yahoo.com

    • No we did not or never shoot pics, sorry. Take it granted, we fuck at least once a week from then on ... more than one. His thick lips is great to kiss on, and he eats my thick pussy so good ...

    • We skinny dipped with our best friends in the summer. It was small lake, seldom used, off the beaten path. We'd lug our party and picnic gear on a deer cart. Everything we needed but swimming suits. My hot wife Emma, Bob and his wife hot wife Jill. The girls are sorority sisters. They were hazed to work as strippers for one night, proceeds going to House Beer. It was either stripper or clean a big pen. They loved pole dancing and the tips and a huge bouncer protected them. So they did it around Xmas 2 weeks a year on their own.
      Too many beers one night Bob gets Emma's arms locked behind her back and has Jill rub her tits into Emma's. Everyone laughing and Jill feels Bob dick get hard and she's is about to get anal. But she's not relaxed enough and he can't get in. It's below the water and I never know what happened for 2 weeks. Emma tells me that and Jill has been talking about swapping. "They're trying to seduce us -- he feels he can have his way with me after the near ass fucking."
      We meet them half way and do blowjob swapping. We're trying have kids anyway, so fucking is out of the question. We're always in another room or car.
      But one night, half time at a football game I go to our SUV to get a jacket and I catch Emma giving Bob a blowjob. She tells me he knows she likes doing it and Jill doesn't. " I know it's wrong but not wrong like giving a handsome stranger one -- we sort of signed up for this." 30 years later we're still friends and joke about WTF were we thinking.

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