Julie's birthday present

My wife got a obscene phone call and she listened while the guy told her all the things he wanted to do to her. she later told me about it and wondered what it would be like to have another man. i said well your birthday is coming up maybe i can set something up but hey you know what one dick is like how would you like two? she laughed and said well i have three holes how about three ? i said what about your hands ? thats only two more than 3. she said it sounds like fun. i told her if i set it up that they would have their way with her doing all and anything they wanted. she said oh i can handle whatever they can give to me. well i talked my weightlifting buddy mike [a handsome black man] to set it up with 4 or 5 of his buddies. he said o.k. i told him that all of the guys were to let her suck their cocks and the last one to fuck her mouth while another licked her pussy and as she came the other guy would shove his cock in her throat and try to cum when she did so she would have to swallow his cum[wouldn't swallow mine]then all could take turns fucking her but only the last one to cum in her.then she would clean his cock while another banged her pussy and came in her. then they were to turn her over and start doggie style for a bit and the guy with the smallest dick would start on her ass.you should have heard that yell.[yes i was hiding and filming]she finally loosened up and was anally pounded for 5 minutes or so then he blew a nut in my wife's ass. then mike said i want some ass too as she protested but to no avail as mike slid his black 9 " cock all the way into my wifes ass. as he banged her he picked her up and set her on himself as he lay on his back exposing her wet red juicey pussy to the other guys. at this point i must mention that the party was not very secrect because now there were 5 more guys there all black and hung bigger than the other guys.as you can imagine my wifes pussy was worn out her ass to. her birthday party lasted untill daylight and she needed two days to recover.she has now asked me to make sure i remember her birthday and maybe the party can start earlier

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