My Husband is a real Fucktard

First off we have been married for just 4 years. He thinks he's a real great lover. Lately he can barely even get an erection. His cock is pretty fat but it's only 3 and 3/4 inches fully hard. It's over 6.5 inch at the base and like 5.75 at the tip. I'm so fucking horny and need a good fucking. He fingered me and licked me but I need a cock in me and fast. He thinks he is like a great lover. Well all Italian men think they are great lovers. I dated his best friend before we got married and he thinks he is great in bed also. At least his cock got hard and was longer than 3 and 3/4 inches. I have a couple dildos I use but they aren't a warm penis. Just not the same and I enjoy when my lover fills me full of his warm love potion. He is trying to get some Viagra but our insurance doesn't care if I get a good fucking or not. Some bullshit that they would cover it if he had a heart condition. That's fucked up.

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  • Go out like most of of us do and get some big dick on the side

  • You are the Fucktard because you married a man with a tiny fucking dick. So shut the fuck up you stupid ass cunt. Yeah you heard me. It's you not him. I hope he fucks around on your dumb ass. Would serve you right. He should divorce you for being a dumb ass stupid cunt.

  • Honey they all think they are great lovers. Men every last one of them no matter the nationality. Take my first husband. Ron had a 4 inch pencil cock. He thought he was really doing something. All he did was get on top of me and sweat like a hog on a clear summer day. Husband # 2 Lenard was much better although he was almost a full 6 inches. Still he thought he was the best. My last husband well he was better at close to 8 inches. He didn't have a clue how to use what he had and often ejaculated after about 5-10 minutes. They all think they are wonderful lovers. I now have their money and I get more excitement from using my battery operated toys than they ever gave me.

  • I wet myself reading your story. Your man's cock is only 3.75 inches LOL! That's so funny. I would love to fuck you alone or in front of him.

  • Ask him to lick your asshole that will juice up your pussy

  • I am really turned on by the thought of my wife cheating on me

  • Good hopes she fucks around you. Maybe I should do that. You think his cock would get nice and hard if he saw a nice cock about to slide inside his wife's pussy?

  • I can't speak for him, but I know mine would. Embarrassing to admit.

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