Is it me?

Is it me or do many guys get turned on thinking about their wife’s past?
Getting hard when I think of her totally naked underneath an also naked guy with her legs open and his penis penetrating and conquering her!
Especially when it happened quite a lot with mine

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  • Based upon the years that my wife had boyfriends before me and that she told me they fucked her a lot, I figure that she had been fucked over 400 times before me. I have always loved fucking my very experienced wife.

  • Agree so glad that my wife was fucked so much before me

  • My wife had two previous boyfriends who fucked her before we got together. I was a virgin and she was my first and only lover. After 40 years I still get hard thinking about her two boyfriends and the hundreds of time that they fucked her before me.

  • No Don't care about the past!

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • When my wife first told me about her sexual past we were laying on the bed half of me enjoyed hearing it half of me at first was very disturbed about it i got a hard on hearing it and we fucked from then on i wanted to see her do some of these things i become a very active chuckold over the years we done many things to please each other

  • Bet you loved seeing her fucked by other guys

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