Real dad

Ok this is a real post..not sure how I feel about this and it's driving me crazy, 2 nights ago my real dad asked me if I remembered when he took me on a camping trip when I was a really young girl, and I said not really but bits and pieces!! He then made me swear I would never tell anyone but while we were camping that weekend he did something inappropriate to me and always wondered did I remember!! I truly didn't remember and I became angry and made him tell me! As he was telling the story I actually started to recall him being weird that entire trip, I don't remember falling asleep the second night but when I woke up I felt drunk. My dad confessed that he gave somthing to sleep and tried to have intercourse (his words) but it couldn't work!! But I kind of remembered him kissing me down there and he asked if I liked how it felt and I said yes that he could do it!! The next day we started heading home and we stopped at a secluded rest area and he pulled my dress up rubbing me and asked me if he could kiss me again and I said yes..he started telling me this wasn't real and it was a secret dream and never tell anyone ever. So years went by and I didn't remember this entire situation, WHY?? WTF is going on? And why did isay he could kiss me and touch me I'm so confused.


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  • You said it because you were a child and wanted to please your father, and enjoyed attention from him.

  • I'm sad for you.

  • Coz u were probably so cute and fuckable 😂

  • You did it because you wanted to and you are confused because you still want too

  • Are you aroused to think of it?

  • If said yes then ask yourself why you said yes. How did it feel to you when he touched you?

  • Your a slut girl your just fuck meat he knows it and so do all the boys he is lining up to fill your holes honey. Have fun cum dump.

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